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  1. Projectors for AtmosFEARfx DVDs?

    General Halloween
    I would love to start doing this. But I'm not sure what kind of projector I'll need. I don't want to spend a lot of money. Does anyone have any advice?
  2. Countess No says hello!

    Member Introduction
    Can't wait for the season. Wonderful props and advice here, love it! In fact, I believe it may be the only place I want to hang out on the web. Nobody will obsess with me about halloween in my real life.
  3. Halloween Newbie-Kim in Texas

    Member Introduction
    I threw my first Halloween party last year and am hooked. I am officially the crazy Halloween lady of my neighborhood. I'm on a budget and there's almost nothing from the dollar store that I don't have. Give me some advice, tell me where to start. I have kids 9-12 so nothing too graphic.
  4. Spirit Halloween Stores

    General Halloween
    I was just curious, has anyone here ever operated or owned a spirit halloween franchise? I was really interested in their profit margins and policies for how the owner ops should pay their employees etc... Any advice?
  5. Looking for inexpensive wiper motor and deer motor

    Halloween Prop Building Group
    We are building our first creep and are looking for some motors. Used is good as well or advice on where to get them cheap thanks
  6. Need advice on how to make a bush costume please

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Every Halloween my cousin and I do a haunted house at his place and it's a different theme every year with scary guys terrifying the kids. This year I had the idea to try and make a realistic looking bush costume to scare the kids in addition to the creepy guys. I have some general ideas of what...
  7. Static: Help - How do I attach a real horse skull to the neck of my skeleton horse.

    Halloween Props
    I need to ask for help again! I am just getting started cutting out my skeleton horse (I am going to do a version with plywood sandwiched between layers of foam for most of the horse). I have a real horse skull and I need some advice on how to attach it to the neck? I see other people out here...
  8. Other: What to do with Prop Boxes

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, I recently bought a couple of big props from Spirit Halloween (The Witch of Stolen Souls and Lil' Nester), and due to the large size of their boxes I ended up flattening them and temporarily storing them in another area of my basement. Because I generally keep my props up all year...
  9. Party advice for a novice?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hello all! i found this website while trying to get ideas for my first halloween party, and i saw some great things! some things weren't as clear as i would like. but in general, i would like advice and tips for my party! it's going to be friends of mine, probably a ground from 5 to 12 or so. or...
  10. Need some Advice: lack of funds and want to build statues

    Halloween Props
    Hello Everyone, I am looking to make some statues this year and was wondering if anyone has a cheaper alternative to Drylock? I priced it at home depot, and it's out of my price range. I have found everything else I needed in dumpsters..I am jobless right now, but still want to pull of an...
  11. Hi, idk any of you , still, you're awsome :)

    Member Introduction
    Hey everyone. I don't know if anyone who's reading this has seen my very first thread. This thread is gonna be different then the other one, that thread was just my intro. The purpose for this thread is more for advice. Since I'm brand new to the forum, I'm aware that my freedoms are slightly...
  12. Atmosphere Effects: What should I decorate my yard as? Farm or Insane asylum?

    Halloween Props
    Farm: I could do a cemetery(like a family cemetery) and corn stalks and hay Insane Asylum: cemetery, operation room, arch way, bars on windows, etc.....
  13. How to Scare a Woman/Girl - Halloween Advice Needed

    General Halloween
    Hello, I'm putting this here, as obviously my question can't be construed as 'meaning of life stuff.' I would like to ask you this: how would you scare a group of females of the species (aka women/girls/what have you)? Some additional visual details, perhaps this is going to be of some use to...
  14. Looking for Invitation Opinions

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    This year marks our fifth party and I've decided that a theme will help make it a little different than the previous years. I'm pretty sure that I've settled on fear as the theme. Please let me know what you think of the wording below as part of our invitiations. Thanks in advance! As...
  15. Mechanical: multiple axis and the kitchen sink

    Halloween Props
    This probably belongs under one of the other threads but I was looking to see if anyone had posted the whole shebang! I mean what they use for sound and for control the whole package? I'm using scary terry's boards for the jaw and I plan on using prop 1s for the neck axis. But I see very little...
  16. Deep Thoughts/Halloween Advice

    Haunted Humor
    With Phantom on a Budget! Awhile ago I was asked to film a makeup tutorial for those interested in doing Phantom makeup (on the cheap) for Halloween. Well, I finally got around to it in May, so like a scary person I spent that entire day shooting a six-part tutorial. Having ended up in makeup...