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  1. Halloween Props
    finally got my yard haunt up, still have one more zombie to put up but am waiting till closer to halloween as hes the lunging zombie. also have another climbing one to hand up higher but wind has prevented me so far... Im also doing a free photo booth strip to advertise my booth biz, and also...
  2. General Halloween
    do you put up fliers, social media, word of mouth?? Does anyone advertise in old media?? how do you get the word out about your haunt??
  3. General Halloween
    I am TOTALLY in love with Crazybonez and EVERYTHING they make! However, there doesn't appear to be one place to see all of their products... and many store don't advertise them by brand! Where do I get this MUST HAVE?! (From the Contest page at crazybonezskeleton.com)
  4. General Halloween
1-4 of 6 Results