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  1. Newbie!!!

    Member Introduction
    Hi All!!! so happy to find this Halloween forum!! I am a fan of Halloween and a youtuber - introduced to this forum by The Best Stuff Channel! - He reviews products and shares his love fo r Halloween. mine is Indie Annie Jones Adventures in Cosplay, Cooking and Crafting - so yes I dress up...
  2. The chilling adventures of Sabrina

    Horror Discussion
    New show on Netflix "The chilling adventures of Sabrina" https://youtu.be/ybKUX6thF8Q I am VERY excited to see this, i honestly hope its good. Based off this comic book which i absolutely adore. If it is like the comic forewarning not for kids! But viewer discretion is advised.
  3. Adam The Woo's Halloween Adventures!

    General Halloween
    Adam has started off the Halloween season in his latest vlog with Universal Halloween Horror Nights now setting up...It's cool to see the classic monsters are returning...A lot of cool merchandise this year too....I hope he get's some video of the animatronics working....ZR...
  4. Mechanical: Velma has a wonky eye, or Adventures In Prop Repair

    Halloween Props
    My beloved Velma of 'Velma & Evander' fame got dropped. :( She survived, but now the light in her left eye is slightly off kilter. Anyone know if (& how) I could readjust that? Kinda freaked out about trying in case I screw up something critical in the attempt. I'm not the most technical minded...
  5. Ghost Adventures

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Has anyone else been disappointed in this season's Ghost Adventures program? Seems like all they have done is re-hash old episodes with the people who were involved. No new sites and scares. I usually love that show, but it's been real ho hum lately. Have I missed something?
  6. The 100 Days of Halloween

    General Halloween
    Its has begun!!! My family started the custom of celebrating the 100 days of Halloween last year. It is quite the undertaking. The point is to try and make sure that you set aside a small amount of time to partake in a spooky activity every day. Last night we started off by watching The Little...
  7. Halloween Night 2014

    General Halloween
    Here is a video of our adventures on Halloween night... PGG