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  1. Halloween Props
    I have gotten a hold of a few unique items that I am going to use in building something for my outside displays. In addition, I have quite a collection of string led lights and a lot of tools. Any suggestions that doesn't cost a lot?
  2. For Sale By Merchants
    Here´s my new shirt "Bone Picker" available on RebelsMarket: Store link: https://www.rebelsmarket.com/products/-bone-picker-men-shirt-black--142420?tuid=79c6d3b3beb3c38a6 Like all shirts in the store the silkscreen print is based of one of my draws. Highly manufactured by a professional...
  3. Halloween Props
    Has anybody ever used, or has considered using, a caged IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) tote as a projection booth for house projections? For those that may not come across the term IBC it’s normally a caged plastic tank on a pallet and the usual capacity is 1,040 litres (229 imperial...
  4. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Getting around to sorting through pictures, and it's time to post some from this year's Halloween puzzle room. books, boxes, letter, artifacts custom vampire hunter kit a clock for time keeping, and one of the puzzles some scary books people had to revive the rat didn't end up needing the...
  5. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    George Maser Flamethrower Unit 900.00 or trade will listen to offers. email [email protected] Located in Northeast TN. Unit is in great condition only used one season. Created by George Maser it's an EPIC effect and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Selling due to not having staff to operate...
  6. Halloween Props
    After I moved here and produced my first Halloween yard my neighbors asked what I was going to do for Christmas. I had no idea that I moved onto a road where everyone did Christmas displays. So I slowly transitioned into a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. Each year I just make or add one...
  7. General Halloween
    Last year I pulled together a quick zombie walk/scare and a few displays in about a week. This year a lot more time and prop making happened so we put on a much bigger display. We had a little kid area with bright colourful fun witches and photo opportunities which then was under a black...
  8. Halloween Props
    This years addition to the yard, Cursed Pirates. You can to https://www.instructables.com/id/Cursed-Pirates/ to see more detailed images and information on how it was made. If you Like the post, please consider voting for me. Happy Halloween.
  9. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I made this over the weekend. It's not hard to do. Just use a few ingredients: blackberries, flour, butter, sugar, oats and black frosting. The addition of the spider web top makes for a fun Halloween treat. More Info: https://www.instructables.com/id/Blackberry-Spider-Web-Pie/
  10. Halloween Props
    This is this year's addition... pretty straight forward chair mounted scissor pneumatic prop. In the vid, the pressure is a little low, so he will be faster on Halloween. Only unique addition is that I have the shoulder joint protruding and connected by a string so when it reaches full...
  11. Halloween Props
    Picked up a child's costume at Goodwill for $5.00 and dressed a small pvc figure I had use a couple years ago. He'll make a worthy addition to our carnevil this year
  12. Wanted to Buy
    Looking to buy the gemmy animated scientist, doing a doctors scene and think it will be a quick addition. Let me know if you have one for sale. I am in Illinois so somewhat local or shipping would be needed
  13. General Halloween
    posted this in props section as well. thought i's share this. I got 2 yesterday. at buycostumes.com they have 5' skellies for 39.99 ea. shipping is 4.99 or free if you spend $60 but if you put in code bcsummer you get an addition $10 off per skellie. don't know the quality of the skelly until...
  14. Halloween Props
    thought i's share this. I got 2 yesterday. at buycostumes.com they have 5' skellies for 39.99 ea. shipping is 4.99 or free if you spend $60 but if you put in code bcsummer you get an addition $10 off per skellie. don't know the quality of the skelly until mine arrive...
  15. General Halloween
    Are band saws a good addition to a haunters collection of tools? I saw a nice looking one at a pawn shop with legs for $70 bucks. I have a jig saw, would I get alot of use out of the band saw? I don't have a particular need, I just want to know if it would be practical for a home haunter. Just...
  16. Halloween Props
    Sooo excited. A couple of weeks ago we went to a garage sale for Halloween stuff. Gotta bunch of great stuff, and entered a raffle for a Distortions "candyman " prop Well, we won the guy!!!!! Picked him up today Going to be a great addition Also, had to include our other new...
  17. General Halloween
    A few of my GrandinRoad ladies from two years ago did not come with hands which has always kind of bothered me. I picked these Spirit Halloween Zombie arms up over the weekend and they are feminine looking hands and I think will make a nice addition to one of my props. They were 9.99 retail I...
  18. Halloween Props
    There is a new addition to the Fright in Falcon family!!
1-19 of 20 Results