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  1. General Halloween
    we must be on the downhill slide to Halloween now....I have thought about new boneys several times in the last couple of weeks. What are we hoping for? Personally, I'd love to see the classic movie monsters and a really nice haunted house a la the Addams Family or the Munsters...gothic and...
  2. Announcements / Press Releases
    This week on Haunted Radio, we are celebrating a be-lated Valentine's Day with news on John Carl Buechler, Funko, Jaws, Pet Sematary, Super 7, They Live, NECA, Nightbreed, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th, Night Of The Creeps, It, Halloween, Living Dead Dolls, The Shining, Sabrina...
  3. Halloween Crafts
    Any fellow quilters here? I've been making quilts and blankets for about five years now, and it seems that at least half are Halloween themed. Here's my current project: ghosts! I've been inspired by the 60s Addams Family TV show. I think these cuties would feel right at home in the Addams'...
  4. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi all. I'm going as Morticia Addams this year and am looking for wig recommendations. Long, black, straight, and heat resistant. I picked one up from Spirit Halloween, already having low expectations since it's just a $20 costume wig, but wow was it terrible. Heavy and thick and covering my...
  5. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hello all spooky fans... I was thinking of adding Addams Family décor. or sort of a theme to them. But does anyone have some hints and what to use or shop for the stuff? It seems to me (not sure on the rest of you) But it's very hard to finds Addams family stuff from either the movie or the TV...
  6. Halloween Music
    I have several variations of The Addams Family theme including one by Vic Mizzy but they do not sound exactly like the one from the show. Specifically it is the spoken parts "neat." "sweet" and "petite" that sound a bit off. Does anyone have the original?
  7. General Halloween
    Not sure what happened to our old TV watching thread, use to be a Sticky, so here's one for this year. MONDAY, 6/13 on TNT @9pm Rizolli & Isles, "Cops vs Zombies" watching the East Coast feed now. Set at Boston's Zombie Con. Fun. Note: this week's episode will reair next Monday @8pm right...
  8. General Halloween
    Made me smile and had to share here.
1-8 of 12 Results