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  1. Static: A New Approach to Lighting Tombstones for Us

    Halloween Props
    EDIT: For those of you coming to this thread for the first time, please take the time to read all those who made comments following. There really is a great deal of information that everyone should know before using Eagle Eye LED lights, and most of what you need to know is provided not be me...
  2. Question about Winter Dragon

    Halloween Props
    With the fog machine connected and the adapter switch turned on,the dragon cycles a few times and fog comes out.When it stops is it waiting for the fog machine to heat up again?Do you leave the switch on?
  3. 9V 2500mA DC Adapter

    Wanted to Buy
    I am in search of a 9V 2500mA DC adapter for the Dead Eye Drake animatronic from Gemmy Industries. It does not need to be the exact same adapter, and it also does not have to have the exact 2500mA it states. I just need a similar voltage to operate him. If anyone has a spare, or a link to...
  4. Electronic/Software: Simple Help needed with Spirit's Misfortune Teller

    Halloween Props
    Okay, I need the forum to help me out. I cannot find the power adapter to Spirit's Misfortune Teller. I have learned my lesson in the past by frying props with the wrong adapter. I no longer have the instructions so I do not have any part number. I have the wiring that the adapter can plug...
  5. Other: Sam's Club Animated Talking Busts adapter help please

    Halloween Props
    I bought a pair of 16 inch animated talking heads from Sam's CLub in 2010. Last year I loaned them out to someone and they returned them, When I went to use them in my haunt this year I discovered the adapter cord that connects to two busts and plugs into an electrical socket on another end was...
  6. chin up hangman zombie rare!!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Selling a spirit Halloween chin up zombie this one is static $40 plus shipping this one doesn't has an adapter I checked to see if he worked by using the adapter the other chin up has and the only thing it does is make noise I have another one that works great had this one for a few years...
  7. spirit halloween chin up zombie adapter

    Wanted to Buy
    Anyone have the spirit Halloween chin up zombie from 2007 spencers sold them I cant find the adapter needed there is a cord hanging with a male plug I need a female plug fitting with an adapter.
  8. Mechanical: need help one my first wiper motor

    Halloween Props
    i went to the local junkyard and took off a wiper motor from a suv. it has a pigtail with five colors ..top left to right...purple yellow and black bottom left to right grey and green....i hooked up the purple to positive and black to negative on my truck battery and it works beautiful. but when...
  9. Mechanical: Adapter

    Halloween Props
    I'm trying to find a replacement adapter for a Halloween prop, called a Bloody Bag of Jokes, does anyone know where can get one online ? Thanks for any replies.
  10. HELP! D56 Halloween Village Power Adapters

    Halloween Props
    My wife has a Department 56 Halloween village, and just picked up a buncha used pieces from an auction. Some of them didn't come with their power adapter, so of course I looked on their site to try to figure out what the output of the power supplies were and learned that they won't tell you...
  11. lifesize hungry harry animated prop

    Wanted to Buy
    does anyone have this?? what is the exact specifications on the electrical adapter?? 9 volts and how many amps??
  12. Heads up Harry Power supply Help

    Member Introduction
    I have an old life sized Heads Up Harry that does not have a power adapter. Does anyone have one of these that can tell me what type of adapter I need? Would like to get him working again. Cannot believe we lost his power...
  13. Gemmy Witch Crystal Ball Animated

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    PRICE $ 90 Dollars plus shipping Hello, selling my Gemmy Crystal ball animated witch head. Works great ! in perfect shape, This is the large one, i know they made 2, and this is the bigger one, The only flaw there is a tiny scratch on the side of it, where the silver part is. Does not affect...
  14. Electronic/Software: Power supply for props - FOUND

    Halloween Props
    I was over at Monster Guts looking through the power supplies. It's time to start building a few props so I wanted to browse. Their standard power supply that they sell for props (12V DC, 5A) is listed at $20. As a "computer guy" (details later) I knew that this is ridiculously high retail for...
  15. Mechanical: change battery to ac adapter??

    Halloween Props
    So a few years ago a fellow forum member, Otaku, helped me create two talking skulls. They ran great telling jokes all night but changing out the 9v battery was a bit... tiresome. We would like to use the skulls this year and are wondering if we cut out the 9v battery attachment and replace it...
  16. Gemmy 5' Animated Pirate Skeleton

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Selling my Gemmy animated pirate skeleton. In good condition, missing AC adapter. $350 shipped in the US.
  17. Electronic/Software: Dc to ac question

    Halloween Props
    Have a question that I haven't really seen answered just about how to do it, I have 3 battery operated things I want to run off of a power adapter, they run 3 aa batteries so I know it's 4.5v, can I take a 4.5v adapter and split it into 3 and it will run them all or do I have to get 13.5v?
  18. Electronic/Software: Chin up zombie prop

    Halloween Props
    does anyone know the specs of the adapter for this prop?? voltage and amperes... thanks ...
  19. Electronic/Software: Newbie needs Oldbie

    Halloween Props
    Hello Haunters, I have a question to post regarding the connection of the SSC-32 to my computer. I have virtually no detailed computer experience, so the answer to my question may be a simple yes or no. I see the USB to Serial port adapters are "finicky" (as someone in here put it), and Lynx is...