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adams family

  1. Very excited to add something to my halloween haunt and party one of a kind

    General Halloween
    Was at a theatre prop shop sale and bought some amazing things. A over 7 feet photo both set for the Adams family. It is built to last and 5 faces open, an antique wooden and metal wheel chair. A large monster head, arms and tail. It is crocodile like. Two large shields. And assorted props. All...
  2. SKELETON PUMPKIN WITCH!!! (Addam's Family Song 1st Cousin)

    Halloween Music
    What song comes to mind when you think of Halloween? Thriller? Monster Mash? The Halloween Movies Theme? For many people, it would be the 'Addam's Family' Theme Song. What I like most about that show is that it used to play year round (it still does on cable television). That song is so...