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  1. New BIG SCARY NEWS: All the latest plus an exclusive with J Adam Smith

    Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY NEWS: Episode 135 features all the latest plus an interview with J. Adam Smith. It's the most dangerous 30 minutes in the haunt industry. Don't miss it! #bigscarynews #bigscaryshow https://www.bigscaryshow.com/big-scary-news/
  2. Help 3 person group costume idea

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    My guy and I were planning on doing a couples costume this year, but he always does a costume with his friend and I really don't want to exclude him. But now we are having a hard time coming up with a costume idea that all three of us can agree on. Halloween is my favorite holiday, I always...
  3. Adam The Woo's Halloween Adventures!

    General Halloween
    Adam has started off the Halloween season in his latest vlog with Universal Halloween Horror Nights now setting up...It's cool to see the classic monsters are returning...A lot of cool merchandise this year too....I hope he get's some video of the animatronics working....ZR...
  4. Static: Leglamp's 2015 Halloween Display

    Halloween Props
    Hey Halloween lover's Here's pictures of my Halloween for this year. Sorry for the delay in getting these on here, but that Nightmare Before Christmas swing took me two weeks and three band-aids to complete! Adam
  5. Hi everybody!

    Member Introduction
    Hey everyone! My name is Adam, and I'm 19 years old. I've always had a passion for Halloween, and I've been yard haunting since I was a little kid. Luckily, my taste level has increased although it slightly exceeds my college student budget that I'm working with. I'm incredibly excited to...
  6. Digging up the Marrow by Alex Pardee and Adam Green

    Horror Discussion
    Last year (2013) i was at San Diego Comic Con and i can say i was really lucky to met Oderus Urungus (RIP) who was one of the funniest guys I've ever met, Adam Green (Hatchet, Holliston) and Alex Pardee (Horror and bizarre artist). Adam and Alex where presenting a Documentary named Digging up...