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  1. NEW 2018 PRODUCT RELEASE from Haunt Hobbyist: PEECAN

    For Sale By Merchants
    NEW PRODUCT RELEASE FOR 2018: THE PEECAN The Peecan is a handheld noisemaker for actors. Sounds that are common or recognizable are not scary, like yelling for example. That is why we designed the Peecan to make a unique sound that will startle your guests because they will not know what it...
  2. Tales from the crypt

    Horror Discussion
    Just got the box set and wow, I forgot how good this was! Its a who's who of A list actors from the 90's. On season 2 and am curious how it changes from year to year.
  3. costume washing

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    does anyone wash costumes for their haunt actors/ thinking of doing so just a tad nervous
  4. Other: TV Screen to Reality

    Halloween Props
    Lots of people have done things around a TV as a prop (thinking of the Poltergeist girl and last season Tekky had the Terror Vision tv sets). Today I saw a really well done take on that theme done as a movie promo for the "Rings" with Samara coming out of a TV at at TV electronics showroom...
  5. Can anyone tell me what kind of hats these are please?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi. There is no better group then this one when it concerns identifying any article of clothing, so I have a question - Does anyone know the official names of these hats worn by actors Matthew Modine and Leonard Nimoy? Here's a full view of his hat - Thanks for looking!
  6. 2016 Carnevil theme

    General Halloween
    Hi from Australia. This year we have decided on a Carnevil theme for our garage haunt but need more ideas please, So far we have a hallway with a drop panel ticket box, dead ringer game and evil laughing clowns. then into a blacklight dot room with about a dozen saw masks hanging on the...
  7. 2015 Behind the scenes daytime walk through

    General Halloween
    Wanted to share this video of last years haunt. Getting really excited for 2016. This marks our 15th year anniversary of home haunting. We have theme set and story line ready. Building has begun. Let me know what you all think. Does not look to scary during the day. However, at night with...
  8. Dual audience haunt

    General Halloween
    So we are about to embark on a fundraising haunted house for our drill team. It will only be open one night and will be the only real haunt in our town. I have been thinking about how to get the most bang for the buck. Thinkscary's post about non-gore haunts made me wonder if anyone has ever...
  9. Actors

    General Halloween
    As some of you may recall my neighbors and myself are setting up a pretty large haunt in their barn and adjacent property this year. We are going to try and make it as autonomous as possible but would still like to have some actors. For those of you who have something larger scale how do you get...
  10. Ghosts and Gravestones Boston is looking for a few good haunters

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Attention Massachusetts Haunters! The ghost tour I work for, Ghosts and Gravestones Boston, is currently hiring for its 2016 season. For anyone not familiar with us, we are a night-time “fright-seeing” tour that takes people through Boston at night on trolleys. We tell the history of haunted...
  11. Haunt walk thru timing

    General Halloween
    I usually just let people walk thru my yard as they come and wish to at their own pace. Haven't had any issues with this, but this year I am planning a walk thru in the garage also which will require more actors and probably better timing. With a normal pro haunt it is normal to wait in a line...
  12. Sleep No More inspired party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Has anyone here ever been to Sleep No More in New York City? My sister and I based our first Summerween party two years ago, lightly based on Manderley, the SNM bar. We did a haunted hotel with the look of Manderley. I just got back from my recent trip to NYC and SNM and I'm inspired all over...
  13. Planning haunted backyard for next year

    General Halloween
    Glad I found this site! I'm a little late to the party this year, but the wheels are turning for next year. Ever since I went to one in my old neighborhood as a kid I've always wanted to do a "haunted yard" type of attraction but I've still got a few years to go with a 3 year old and one on...
  14. Nightmare New England

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Spent a good chunk of my Saturday night at Nightmare New England in Litchfield, NH. We drove an hour there and arrived about 6:30 pm. Five haunted houses, plenty of walkaround actors, carnival games, carnival food, mini golf, go karts, and batting cages. Definitely worth the $60 for VIP...
  15. Static: Magic mirror/catacomb tunnel and misc. prop builds from last week

    Halloween Props
    I started building the haunt entrance a few days ago and although much work is still needed, wanted to post some pics of the last weeks efforts toward Halloween (I'd have made more progress if not for all the emergency fix it issues family and friends had last week)(I told them once October is...
  16. Haven't been on here in a long time...wanted to say hi and reintroduce myself!!!

    Member Introduction
    Why Hello Everyone, I have to say we are approaching year 5 and I Realize i have barely EVER shared any photos and videos of my Haunts. The thing is I spend so much time building and creating that I don't have a ton of time to sit and play on my Computer! Over the years I've been so lucky to...
  17. Home Haunting

    I'm starting a new website with some information on home haunting if anyone is interested. While trying to find some good information for some props and to train my actors I noticed the stuff was all over the place and thought I would bring some of it together, mixing in some history and fun...
  18. Static: creapy doll (big pictures)

    Halloween Props
    First attempt at making a prop for my actors to hold. A little hard to see the legs from the white background sorry about that.
  19. Hello From Orlando Florida

    Member Introduction
    Hello Everyone. I'm brand new to this forum as a member but not to this site. I've been reading your posts for a few years now and have been inspired by all of you!! I'm a professional Actor and singer and have been performing for the Walt Disney Company for 15 years now! I started my first...
  20. Phantom's Ghost Ranch Haunted Western Town

    Announcements / Press Releases
    That's right folks, Phantom's and Ghost Ranch are back this year and haunting again! This year will be our first year at a new location at Storybook Ranch in McKinney, TX. (http://www.storybookranch.com/) We have an amazing venue of actual 1800's buildings and antiques to create an immersive...