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  1. Halloween Props
    2019's theme is going to be my take on the Lost Dutchmans Mine in Arizona. So far I've got the mine cart done and and an Infinity mirror. The infintinty mirror was done according to the one Eerie Acres did on his youtube channel and turned out awesome. I'll post more as I build through out the...
  2. Member Introduction
    Thanks for adding me! I'm turning my 100 acres of land into a haunted hayride and haunted hike for all my nieces and nephews and their friends.....I can't wait to see what good ideas y'all have!
  3. General Halloween
    Here are a few pics of the setup for this year hopefully I will have a video com
  4. General Halloween
    Anyone else live out in the sticks? We recently moved back to the country on the mountain. Several acres, streams and pond, mostly wooded. Literally hundreds of acres around us on the mountain and our driveway is 200 yards long. So yeah, no TOTers here. We really love it in the country, but it's...
  5. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hello all you scary people! My wife and I were at our local Lazy Acres picking up a beer that a friend had suggested for me to try. I don't know if you have been into a Lazy Acres before but the one by us has an INSANE selection of beer and other spirits. On our way out of the alcohol section...
1-5 of 5 Results