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  1. General Halloween
    I mentioned this in the literature forum but wanted to make people who may not travel that far down the selection list aware of it. I just finished Dracul, written by Dacre Stoker (great grand-nephew of Bram) and J.D. Barker. I highly recommend it! A prequel to Dracula, it weaves the Stoker...
  2. Member Introduction
    Heyyy... Soooo, I couldn't remember the password from original account and it wouldn't accept Saved password thru Google, sooo I started new account earlier, last month, I think. Then, HF informed me they could merge that new account w the old one, and I said perfect. I got an email to change my...
  3. Vendor Deals
    1. Any and all commercial posting on the forum requires vendor credentials to do so. This includes: A business name Usernames, business information in your Signatures and or Avatars, soliciting in private message, and any and all commercial posting in threads. Failure to sign up as a...
  4. Member Introduction
    Hey all I had to create another account on here cause FB is giving me issues with logging on here with my FB account log in. Has anyone else has issues like that within the past few days. :(:(
  5. Member Introduction
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and have been browsing around the site for a year and finally decided to make an account. Everyone here seems nice and can't wait to see everything Halloween related!:D
  6. Halloween Music
    My Box account has been deactivated. I assume this is because I have been sharing my files too much. Sorry guys.
1-6 of 24 Results