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  1. Static: My first halloween prop for 2017

    Halloween Props
    I am so lucky to be alive today. car flipped 3x 2 minutes after I made driveway. Anyways here's my Halloween prop for 2017 thanks to monster tutorials. I missed a few steps due the accident today. It's supposed to be a mummified spirit with maggots.
  2. Need some vehicular advice.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    My son had his first accident last week (why I've been a little absent). He's fine and all, but I'm now in the market of a new car for 2 teenage boys to be driving... We liked the above aztec for it being AWD for our winters, handling like a car, but being a little bigger in case of said...
  3. Happy lighting accident!

    General Halloween
    I bought someLED outdoor floods in blue to give my outdoor stuff that cool dead look. By happy accident I discovered that these floodlights also make my props painted with fluorescent paint glow like a black light. Here is the kind in case anyone wants to know: Westinghouse 15W Equivalent to...