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  1. Problems with photo albums

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I'm unable to access my photos in my photo albums after they're uploaded. I've contacted the adminstrator several times and have recieved zero replies. Anyone got an idea what the problem is?
  2. Not all posts or new threads show up all the time

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I just noticed today after making a post in the General Discussion area and making a new thread under the Coupons Discount area that neither one of them was visible from within the HF section if I wasn't signed on. There was also another thread someone started under the Coupons Discount area...
  3. Lighting: IBC tote as a projection booth

    Halloween Props
    Has anybody ever used, or has considered using, a caged IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) tote as a projection booth for house projections? For those that may not come across the term IBC it’s normally a caged plastic tank on a pallet and the usual capacity is 1,040 litres (229 imperial...
  4. Alexa the sound box!

    General Halloween
    Probably no surprise but you can put those mp3 and cd players away, Alexa to the rescue! Have some pc speakers laying around - even better. If you have Amazon prime just ask her to play scary sounds, thunderstorm, or Halloween music. I figured on the Halloween music play list but the scary...
  5. The first (and probably last) Ghostbusters Halloween train!

    General Halloween
    Been working on this idea for a while. I've taken an old Ecto 1 remote controlled car with lights and siren that a guy modified to add more lights and wanted to mount it to one of my trains for Halloween. The trick was it had to be high enough to get around the other trains since I've got 3...
  6. Can't get access to the album photo I just added

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I added a new photo to my 2018 album (a skeleton monkey). Everything was normal during the upload process. However later when I went to go to open the Halloween Store Items - 2018 album to select the new photo's BB Code, the board software messed up. I can select older uploaded images just fine...
  7. Can't access my member page

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Hi, I can't seem to be able to access my profile or other pages (PM's, messages etc). What's up? Gary
  8. Technical Issues with Halloweenforum.com???

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Am I the only one that's having issues viewing this forum through Firefox? Seems like it's been fun up until two days ago. I haven't made any updates but did this afternoon to see if that would fix it and still had issues with the site not loading. Anyone else?
  9. Themed Lot in New England

    Wanted to Buy
    Looking to buy a themed lot of items. I do a fairly large party each year and like to do a new theme each season. It is much easier to find someone who has done a theme and start from there or swap with them. I have access to trucks for moving. I have a huge lot of pirate items and also some...
  10. Free Access

    General Halloween
    Recently I found out that I have access to a lot of pallets for free thanks to a few businesses nearby. I'm looking forward to getting them in spring for a few projects. I also get a lot of free boxes from work too. So the question is what do you have free access to that you can use for Halloween?
  11. Static: Pallets gallore

    Halloween Props
    I'm considering taking advantage of all the free pallets in the area in spring. I was debating on taking a few of them to create 2 large gothic columns as a idea. What would you all do with access to a lot of them? Looking for easy options.