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  1. Halloween TV Watchlist

    General Halloween
    Don't know where the original Halloween TV thread is so here's one for 2017. 10/22 12:10/11:10c: Hocus Pocus (Freeform) (and again at 9:15/8:15c) 7:30/6:30c: Bob's Burgers new Halloween episode (Fox) 8/7c: America's Funniest Home Videos Halloween special (ABC) 8/7c: The Simpsons Treehouse of...
  2. Face Off S11 - All Star Season

    Horror Discussion
    New season of Syfy's show Face Off begins tonight 9/8c. "16 Face Off alums return for another chance at winning, but there's a new twist. Oh and there's aliens." Episode 1: Abstract Aliens. Face Off twitter. Was wondering when this was coming back. Really excited to see more work from the...