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  1. Pneumatic: Garage Mausoleum

    Halloween Props
    So, I've been kinda dormant with building for a while. This year I decided to go big or go home:) Early September I got the idea to do a crypt wall over the garage door, thanks to others on here. Well then I decided to up the anti a little bit and add a little "shock" factor. So, I started...
  2. How Does Disney do it??

    General Halloween
    Oct 14 @ 8pm...how Disney decorates for Halloween on Freeform.
  3. WHATTTT? Rain?

    General Halloween
    Forecast 70-80% during the day and dwindling to 40% by 8pm for us...... just isn't fair. :rolleyes: Hopefully it'll blow thru early.
  4. Halloween Inflatables in the DC Area - Come and Get 'Em!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Check out my other Craig's List offerings in Cheverly, MD. Lots of Halloween props still available! All have been stored inside and many have never been displayed. 8' Cat $55 UV-Reactive Skull with Spiders $65 UV-Reactive Spider $65 "Snow" Globe $75 Cash and carry. Pickup anytime on...
  5. New Season of FACE OFF

    Horror Discussion
    Not sure if anyone posted this yet, new season of Face Off starts tonight 8pm CST.