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  1. Halloween Props
    My apologies if this design has been posted many times, I sure someone else has thought of it before. And I agree with the experts here, use a real cylinder if building an elaborate and expensive prop. My props are for a hayride, I can manually operate and reset the props. This is a single...
  2. Halloween Props
    So I'm doing a zombie fence shaker this year and it's my first-ever pneumatic prop. I got an 18gal compressor off Craigslist and will have that 50ft away so hopefully the noise doesn't ruin the rest of my scene. Connecting with a 3/8 inch hose to this flow control connector. Controlled by a...
  3. Halloween Props
    My kids have been wanting to add a Jack Skellington to our display for a couple of years now, and he's finally in. We got one of the hanging jacks, made a base with a piece of reinforcement roofing steel from Home Depot, welded two lengths of 3/8" rebar to the base, and slid the legs over the...
1-3 of 3 Results