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  1. Halloween Props
    Has anyone ever married VSA via an SSC-32 board with a step motor? I know RC servos work, but if you really wanted to do some heavy lifting... has anyone been successful? what hardware? what was your application? etc. Thanks in advance,
  2. Halloween Props
    My Most Detailed Prop Build for 2013 COMPLETED One of my goals for this year was coming up with a method to make my figures so that I could vary the poses from the standard straight style. Most of my stand up props are made with 2x4 legs and pvc upper bodies which work fine but it didn't...
  3. Halloween Props
    I'm Starting a thread for us 3 Axis Skull guys that are actively creating Rock Band animation for our Halloween Displays. The intent of the thread is a collective sharing how-to similar with the thread we have creating the command centers for our 3 axis displays. I plan on documenting my entire...
  4. Halloween Props
    My biggest goal for this year is to get all of my 3 axis skulls up and running and to put together a controller system that allowed them to be stand alone props. I didn't want to be connected to a computer and didn't want to have to program them in VSA. Since none of my skulls movements...
  5. Merchant Reviews
    RESOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received my shipment. Please read the last post for the solution. August 21, placed an order for a single un-assembled Lindsey skull from the Graveyard Skulls website. (original design, not the new style) Order was paid with PayPal on that date. The website...
  6. Halloween Props
    This is my new 3 Axis Skull. Tell me what you think :D YouTube - 3 Axis Talking Skull
  7. Halloween Props
    This probably belongs under one of the other threads but I was looking to see if anyone had posted the whole shebang! I mean what they use for sound and for control the whole package? I'm using scary terry's boards for the jaw and I plan on using prop 1s for the neck axis. But I see very little...
  8. Halloween Props
    ok- I've got my 3 axis skull made, and IT'S ALIVE!!! MUHAAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!! I have a number of questions about the SOFTWARE for programming it. Unless you have a clean wave file, the WaveMotion Analysis really sucks as it moves the servos to every noise in the file. What's the easiest way to...
1-8 of 8 Results