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3-axis skulls

  1. Prop Showcase: KludgeGuru 2014 Skeleton Quartet

    Halloween Props
    I built these 3-Axis skulls in 2009 and put them on pillars as I couldn't afford the full Skeletons at the time. Here is the original post (the server that hosted the images is no longer up but the links to the YouTube videos are still there)...
  2. Prop Showcase: Pirate Yard Haunt 2010

    Halloween Props
    Videos from Halloween 2010 More pictures in my album http://www.halloweenforum.com/members/thxboy-albums-2010-halloween-haunt.html
  3. Electronic/Software: A 3-Axis Tribute to CREAM

    Halloween Props
    I put this together for the amusement of our visitors to this years party/haunted house. I doubt that Jack Bruce, Pete Brown, Ginger Baker, or Eric Clapton would have seen this coming - even in thier most pharmaceutically induced nightmare.
  4. Electronic/Software: Jumping on the the two-axis eye band wagon

    Halloween Props
    Here's my first attempt at a two axis eye mechanism for my pirate band refit that I'm doing this year. No servos mounted yet, but I will "soon". YouTube - Aholeeyes1