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3 axis skull

  1. Electronic/Software: Vixen and SSC-32

    Halloween Props
    I am looking to purchase a SSC-32 to operate a 3 axis skull with Vixen. I have seen stated that it will work with the Minissc plugin. Is anyone using this setup? I have been using Vixen for several years and would like to continue to do so. I have searched this forum and the DIYC forum and have...
  2. Mechanical: We Made The Cover Of Servo Magazine!

    Halloween Props
    Our newest creation, JARVIS, made the cover of the September issue of Servo Magazine! JARVIS is a steampunk robot that I made to showcase many of the Animatronic systems I use when I build my characters. I designed him so that he could be disassembled and shipped to the various Haunt...
  3. Electronic/Software: Drunk Pirate

    Halloween Props
    This year we had a pirate themed Haunt.....this was the start of the haunt. https://vimeo.com/144306334
  4. MONSTER GUTS - 4th of July Sale!!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Monster Guts is having a 4th of July weekend sale on Pneumatic Valves and more! We are also happy to introduce our new The Prop Master - 1™. Have you have needed a simple but easy to use prop controller with 1-relay to program a prop or simply turn a device 'on' and 'off' on cue? The Prop...
  5. Electronic/Software: Pose-N-Stay Skeleton for 3 axis skull?

    Halloween Props
    I searched around, but didn't see a post with information about what the inside of a Pose-N-Stay Skeleton's skull looks like. I see many people are using Bucky skulls or Lindberg skulls for 3 axis skulls. I already have a Pose-N-Stay Skeleton from Costco. These are relatively inexpensive -...
  6. Other: 3 Axis Skull DUET with Jack-O-Lanters : 6 month of night work - DONE!

    Halloween Props
    This is our 3 year we doing Halloween decorations with BIG help of All of You ! Thanks Everyone for Great ideas, support and giving us energy and motivation for next year!!!! This is our fist year we Build 3 axis Skull using Triaxial design and Combine with Jack-o-Lanters AtmosFearFX DVD I...
  7. Pneumatic: New Animatronic Addition for 2014

    Halloween Props
    Building on the lessons we learned while constructing Pete the Pirate ( http://www.hauntforum.com/showthread.php?t=34880 ), we've started the build of our newest character. I'm planning on adding a pirate bar scene to my display so the first build will be a bartender. So here's the start of...
  8. GYS 3 Axis R & P Skull w/Eyes and Quick Connect

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have a brand new GraveYard skulls Rack & Pinion Bucky skull with eyes and the quick connect cables. I received the skull last year but never had the time to use it. The box was never even opened until a month ago and due to the fact that I know that I still don't have the time to use it I...
  9. Electronic/Software: *** Making Those Servo Props a Bit Easier and Cleaner ***

    Halloween Props
    Hello all, this is my first post but this is not my first time here. I am an Electrical Engineer and I have made a few props over the past year which are triggered microcontroller self running props. This year I would like to take up another level, something like Halloween Bob has, but...
  10. Electronic/Software: 3 AXIS SKULL Rock Band Braintrust - Designers colaboration

    Halloween Props
    I'm Starting a thread for us 3 Axis Skull guys that are actively creating Rock Band animation for our Halloween Displays. The intent of the thread is a collective sharing how-to similar with the thread we have creating the command centers for our 3 axis displays. I plan on documenting my entire...
  11. Electronic/Software: Yet Another 3axis Skull Prop!

    Halloween Props
    Here is my version of the 3 axis design. I corpsed the skull using Morbiddious's method and the bucky skeleton using the common latex adhesive and nylon. I haven't finished the routine yet, so this is just a test with the skull on the body. Not too bad thus far. Let me know what you...
  12. Electronic/Software: Control skull + RGB eyes + prop + lighting

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, I've gotten a few requests over the weekend from members wondering how to use the Medusa DMX to control their props. Hopefully this should help answer some questions. Here's a link to a pdf diagram showing how to connect a 3-axis skull with RGB eyes + a few pneumatic props + some...
  13. Skulltek 3 axis skull

    Product Reviews
    If you are looking for a 3 axis skull and don't want to pay $700 to $1500 check out Dr. Morbious' 3 axis skulls. I bought one for $500 and it is awesome. Not only does it have 3 axis movement, but also 2 axis eyes. I'm using it as a greater this year. You will not find anything even close for...