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  1. Haunt Walls

    General Halloween
    So I am doing my first walk thru haunt this year and have already created about a dozen pallet walls. But alas, do not have enough pallets to finish my plan so I need to make about 14 more walls. I was going to use 2x4 lumber but then I found 1x2 lumber for half the price. Will 1x2 be sturdy...
  2. Other: Gold bars - Pirate treasure

    Halloween Props
    I did a Pirates of the Caribbean theme last year and it was a big hit so I will be adding to it this year.. This thread will be a tutorial on creating some Gold bars for the treasure scene.. I started with a 2x4 that was 8' long. I set my table saw to around 12* mitre and ripped the 2x4 long...