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  1. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Super excited that it's only 145 days away from Halloween! This year, for our fourth Party Haunt at this residence, we are doing a clown/carnival theme. We've had a few planning sessions, began prop building and and started the build a bit early to ensure we can add the all fine touches. We...
  2. For Sale By Merchants
    The Blinking Bogeymen sleep during the day and come alive at night!!!! NEW RELEASE FOR HALLOWEEN 2018: The Blinking Bogeymen are 14 pairs of Red LED Lights with a custom made blinking pattern. This is a hard to find product. Due to Customers Demand, the Blinking Bogeymen are designed to look...
  3. General Halloween
    here is where to put any teasers you may get and pictures of your gifts!
  4. General Halloween
    here is the place for your lists, not sure why I didn't put it out !! duh,,,,
  5. General Halloween
    It is July 2nd and this is my neighbor's yard, perfectly in sync, beautiful and ready for the 4th. And then here is my yard on July 2nd... already feeling panicked for time as I rehab my props for Halloween. I am lucky my neighbors like me!
  6. General Halloween
    here is the place to post pictures of your teasers and reaps!!!
  7. Member Introduction
    Im a 2nd year scare actress. My 1st year was at Cedar Fair (Club Blood woot woot!!) and I hated it! Mostly because I worked at a daycare and it was VERY awkward to have my students see me dressed rather sexy. My 2nd Year is with my "big brother"! Im very excited to finally have some freedom...
  8. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Each year the building I work at has a Halloween decorating competition and opens the doors for TOT's in the afternoon. 2 years ago we did an "Alien Autopsy", complete with an alien corpse that had the chest cut open so it could hold a crock pot full of "Little smokies: in barbacue sauce and a...
  9. General Halloween
    not sure if this will work ... click on the links to see a photosynth of one side of the front yard this past halloween there's a slideshow button, the 2nd from the left, under the pic that should also be used for a better presentation click here =>...
  10. Halloween Props
    Here are a few pics of my 2nd tombstone, I had planned on making 2 last year, but alas, time slipped away. Hope everyone enjoys
  11. General Halloween
    October first I had soem props out, October 2nd kicked my kiester. 2 PM Oct 2nd wind and a storm rolling in 20141002_155614 by Don and Monica Riney, on Flickr 3:30 PM Oct 2nd 20141002_170001 by Don and Monica Riney, on Flickr The haunt will not be stopped! October 11 Halloween 2014 by...
1-11 of 11 Results