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  1. Halloween Props
    Well it's all over and the post Halloween depression has hit. lol! :D Was a pretty good year. Had a lot of fun. didn't get as many kids as i was hopping since it wasn't raining this year. got more people last year and it was storming. O well, it did leave an impact on the ones that did show up...
  2. General Halloween
    This is my first time sharing pictures of my yard display, though I have been "haunting" the forums for years. I've been slowly building my inventory of props (mostly hand-made), and I finally have enough worth showing off. You'll see a lot of familiar ideas that I procured from other posts on...
  3. General Halloween
    Night video forthcoming, I gotta edit a little bit and there hasn't been time yet. Hopefully my video is better than my night time pics, I got a bunch of blurry lightforms in my camera roll. Imgur links to albums, because lots of pictures. Daytime and pumpkin pics (98 images) Halloween Night...
  4. Halloween Props
    Sharing my yard haunt, share yours too!
  5. General Halloween
    Hi! I'm sharing with you some pictures from Halloween 2017 which I spent in Heide Park Resort in Soltau in Germany. It was really great. A lot of pumpkins, creepy decorations (I especially liked dogs skeletons), dressed stuff who were scarrying people :P. House of fear, scarry hospital, very...
  6. General Halloween
    Here is a short video of the yard decorations for this year. https://youtu.be/PODaYxoe6HQ
  7. Member Introduction
    Just wanted to take the time and introduce Game Zone Mania™ to the community. We are new to the HalloweenForum and have been inspired by this forum to start our own Dark Ride DIY Build for 2017. This would not be possible without the insightful information that is found here to make this even...
  8. General Halloween
    Didn't see a thread for this so I thought I'd start one. Please use it to discuss anything and everything about Spirit Halloween for this year. I actually think this year will be one of Spirit's best years. From what I know there are 3 themes and plenty of awesome and exiting new props. There...
  9. General Halloween
    I don't know about the rest of you, but the Roger's Garden annual Halloween boutique is one of my most anticipated events of the haunting season. And being such an avid fan I went poking around their web page today and found a little blurb on the upcoming 2017 theme. From the description is...
  10. General Halloween
    My question to you all is .... have you started to plan for halloween 2017? If so where do you start?
1-10 of 10 Results