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  1. Wanted: Target 2015 Table Cloth, Light Up Pumpkin, Sign, Salad Tongs, etc

    Wanted to Buy
    SUPER SAD that I didn't get to pick up everything I wanted from Target last year, because now I can't find any of it. If anyone is looking to get rid of this stuff or knows where I can find it, PLEASE let me know! :D SILVER Skeleton Salad Tongs Light Up Pumpkin with face second from left...
  2. my yard 2015

    General Halloween
    any thoughts or Ideas
  3. Static: should I paint it black

    Halloween Props
    finally had to put a real plywood roof on my hears, used birch ply or floor underlayment when I built tried all kinds of things to seal it but the water got in an separated it all I did make it two years though, while I am fixing that I am making a few other modifications. put on some molding...
  4. I know it's a little late but....My Party from 2015!!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I know, I know, it's kind of late, but I really wanted to post some pics from my first Halloween Party that I hosted last year in my apartment! I really wish I could have gotten more pics of the decor! I had a bunch of my home made tombstones around the room and cheesecloth on the couch! Next...
  5. Creepmas 2015

    General Halloween
    Creepmas is the meshing of Halloween with Christmas. Feel free to post anything pertaining to Creepmas 2015 here. Check out http://www.creepmas.com/ for more info on this unofficial holiday celebration. :D
  6. My little Maze - 2015

    General Halloween
    Hi guys, just thought I'd post a short video of my maze from this year. Had mostly everything working in time for Halloween (although I did work on it for two days straight in the lead up). Video is a bit dark and I only have a very small space to work with, but you get the idea :)...
  7. Static: New Tombstones for 2015

    Halloween Props
    I am slowly ramping up my yard to become a walk through grave yard, but the tombstones that I use are strapped to rebar on the back. Great to look at from the front and definitely not blowing over, but I'm a perfectionist so I don't want people to see the back and ruin the effect. So I devised...
  8. Other Scale Halloween Villages 2015

    Halloween Crafts
    I could not find a thread about this topic, so if there is one somewhere please let me know. I am working on a Halloween Village this year, mostly consisting of the 2014 & 2015 Tombstone Corners figures and buildings obtained from the Dollar Tree. So far my terrain is very simple, nothing...
  9. Halloween Secret Reaper 2015 - UK/Europe

    General Halloween
    Hi Halloweeners! Following the awesome example from our US Members, we thought we’d bring the Secret Reaper to the UK! Sign up starts on the 26th of September 2015, and will close at midnight on the 10th of October 2015. For those who don’t know what Secret Reaper is, it’s like Secret Santa...
  10. Faegoria 2015 - The Curse of Vodou Hollow

    General Halloween
    As some of you probably know from a previous thread of mine, Faegoria is getting rebooted this year. A lot of things have happened since the posting of that thread and the new rebooted theme has changed up a bit. Instead of changing themes out every year we're taking an approach similar to a few...
  11. Halloween 2015 UK

    General Halloween
    Thought I'd start a thread in the vain hope that we have some new Halloween merchandise this year. Let me kick off with some images from T.K. Maxx. This year they've surprisingly been pushing more Fall/HAlloween stuff and they've even got some of the stuff that I've seen in the American threads.
  12. 2015 DIY Dark Ride

    Halloween Props
    Hello Halloween Forum! :) Im new to this forum but not new to haunting, I've been running an annual haunted house in my neighborhood for 7 years now and I'm finally taking the plunge to include a dark ride section into my haunt. Ive been fascinated with dark rides since my childhood and they're...
  13. Spirit Halloween Animatronics To Be Filmed 2015

    So far, here is a list of all the Spirit Halloween animatronics and props I will be filming for 2015. -Smoldering Zombie -Harbinger of Hell -Twitching Banshee -Compost Corpse -Cerebus Three-Headed Dog -The Incinerator -Pumpkin Guardian of the Grave -Talking Skeleton Cameos -Roaming Rosie Red...
  14. Spirit Halloween 2015 Fright Squad Theme Predictions

    General Halloween
    The day has come! Here is the official list of all props and the theme they reside in: The Swamp: -Swinging Swamp Hag -Swinging Skeleton Boy -Black Widow Flaming Witch -Wolf Rug -Compost Corpse -Creepy Rising Doll (This one surprised me) -Pumpkin Guardian Grave w/ Fog -The Incinerator w/ Fog...
  15. Other: Spirit Halloween Sneak Peeks of 2015

    Halloween Props
    Spirit Halloween has just released videos of their first two sneak peeks of 2015, and they are both dolls. Here are the videos: Personally, I think the animation on both of these look pretty cheap. I'm not really all that in to haunted dolls for my display, but I'm sure some people are. Both...
  16. Static: any suggestions on how to finshis my crypt facade

    Halloween Props
    just finished well almost finished this façade and tried spraying with watered down black paint didn't come out like I hoped so repainted it. should say that it Is kinda a stucco finish I think that's what is making the difference from what I have seen in in the weathering
  17. Other: Halloween Goals for 2015

    Halloween Props
    Hello all! I've been perusing the forum a lot lately, and I've seen some great ideas for Halloween 2015. I thought I'd state my goals here (in the hopes of sticking to them) :o, and I hope that others would like to share you goals, too! JaCk's Goals for Halloween 2015: 1)Mausoleum build, with...
  18. Distortions Unlimited 2015

    General Halloween
    Hi Fellow Halloween Forumer's, I thought it was time to begin a new thread for the new Distortions Unlimited 2015 props. According to their Facebook Page they have 17 new creations that will debut this weekend at the Party Expo. I was not all that impressed with their line last year, but this...
  19. 2015 Yankee Candle Boney Bunch thread

    General Halloween
    This is a d dedicated 2015 Yankee Candle Boney Bunch thread. Here are some of the websites posted last year that maybe helpful. https://sites.google.com/site/boneybunchyankeecandle/ Boney Bunch photos and info Full video of Mystery of Yankee Manor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xP_KYBdhnkU YC...
  20. TransWorld's Halloween Show 2015

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Hey Fellow Forum Members, I thought it was about time to create a 2015 TransWorld thread. I've booked my flight and hotel and will book my tickets this week. This will be my forth year going. I always have a blast and have met some great exhibitors over the years. I have never signed up for a...