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  1. Hello, new to you, but not to Halloween decorating

    Member Introduction
    I saw your posts about yards and that was all that I needed to join in with you. Oh, yes you want an introduction first. (I'm playing with these these posting features :confused:, so please bear with me. ) I live in Chester County, PA. My yard at this time of year is called "Uwchlan Haunt...
  2. SOS - Sanctuary of Spooks 2014

    General Halloween
    A quick 5 minute video highlighting our 2014 haunt. Filmed and edited by my son Bryan Koci, I think it's the best yet!
  3. Fright in Falcon 2014

    General Halloween
  4. Prop Showcase: Short Video of 2014 Haunt

    Halloween Props
    2014 is in the books! The house is all cleaned up and now I can start posting again! Here is a short video of our yard this year. Unfortunately, this was a mobile upload to YouTube so the clarity is kind of weak. Enjoy...
  5. Killed by Death 2014

    General Halloween
    Here's a few pictures from the yard this Halloween- Made our local paper this year-
  6. The Haunting At Bell Hall 2014

    General Halloween
    2014 was an interesting Halloween. We had brief showers until 9:30 when heavy rain and wind came in. Unfortunately, I did not get as many photos as I would have liked. It started pouring as I was taking them. I have not quite gotten the hang of night photography yet. Thanks for looking...
  7. One two Freddy's coming for you

    General Halloween
  8. Our 2014 Halloween Yard Haunt

    General Halloween
    It was a rainy and cold night yet the hardy came out in numbers! Here are just a few of my 2014 yard haunt. The programmed show was about 27 minutes long. And now the Night videos..... Now that I have actually used a Skulltronix skull I can say they are worth the money!
  9. AZ Haunters Show and Tell!

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Time: November 16, 2014 from 11am to 1pm Location: HeatSync Labs Street: 140 West Main St. City/Town: Mesa, AZ 85201 Get together with AZ haunters to share your successes from 2014 or even before! If you have a prop you want to bring, GREAT! HeatSync does have a computer and projector, so bring...
  10. Post your 2014 Haunt Videos here

    General Halloween
    Name of Haunt, if you have one, and embedded video link please. My haunt has no name presently. But thought it would be nice to have one thread where people could post a summary video of their haunt. Then also link to any separate threads discussing their haunts. Easier for those wanting One...
  11. Prop Showcase: My 2014 Haunted Garage - Asylum for the Criminally Insane

    Halloween Props
    Here is a link to a detailed walk-through of my 2014 Halloween Haunted Garage. I don't have a lot of videos and pictures from Halloween night because the haunt was abruptly stopped by heavy rain. http://youtu.be/2yF2HF4QCqc Here is a link to my website where you can find design and...
  12. Halloween Night 2014

    General Halloween
    Here is a video of our adventures on Halloween night... PGG
  13. Psykotic Waltz Yard Haunt 2014

    General Halloween
    Here's a quick yard video of my haunt before halloween.
  14. Prop Showcase: Russell 2014 Prop Videos

    Halloween Props
    2014 Prop Videos http://www.snydercentral.com/halloween/2014props.htm
  15. Midnightshow on Halloween 2014

    Halloween Music
    Our Midnightspecial on Halloweennight 2014 Every year on our Halloweenparty we start a LOR-show on midnight. It´s only about 3 songs, because of the neighbourhood. This year i decided to take a song from the Zac Brown Band. Not well known in Austria, but i love it. I think it´s the fastest...
  16. Voodoo on the Bayou 2014

    General Halloween
    Here is a link to my 2014 Voodoo on the Bayou pics. This year I got a lot of my ideas from Pinterest, so if the original prop idea is from a fellow forum member please let me know and I'll credit you ASAP. I would like to than Obsessedwithit who sent me some AMAZING skulls, bones,and misc. bayou...
  17. Nightmare Dominion 2014: "Dark Harvest"

    General Halloween
    Enjoy a walk through video of the 2014 Nightmare Dominion home haunt theme, Dark Harvest! Here's the synopsis for our 2014 theme: A lot of mystery surrounds the Tucker family and their farm house on Coit Avenue. Not much seems to happen there most of the year, but that changes dramatically...
  18. YouTube video of my Halloween 2014 yard haunt

    General Halloween
    Just in case anybody is interested.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fcu-JiT0NPY
  19. Devine Halloween Haunt 2014 Video

    General Halloween
    Here's our 2014 Video. Begins with photos, video walkthrough, then the scares begin at 5:26 and go to the end. We had a blast this year scaring people...:o
  20. Faegoria 2014: Requiem

    General Halloween
    Here's our photos of Faegoria 2014 from Halloween night. I didn't take a lot because there weren't really any new props this year, just a different setup. More pictures here: http://faegoria.com/halloween-2014-requiem/ -TM