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  1. Halloween Prop Building Group
    Here is the link to where you can read how the online building group got started here in the forum. It states the original game plan we followed....on this round things will be a little different now after we had a run with this. In 2012 we tried to start it up again & I got sick and couldn't...
  2. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Always looking for new ideas! We have done - Space Oddity 2001 Addams Family Gnomes & Trolls Hollywood Psychotic Circus Zombies Murder Mystery Face your Fears Scary Tales Heroes & Villains Time Travel It's the End of the World as we know it - 2012 Ghosts of Halloween Past This year is Black...
  3. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi. ^^; I'm new to the forum and had my first big Halloween party last year. It went really well, my friends were talking about it for days, so I wanted to share some of the stuff we did here. Oh, this was a 21+ party, we just act like children. :B Who to Invite: I kept it small. I have a core...
  4. General Halloween
    This was my yard: Things to note were the fogger pumped through the jack o'lantern and the primary fogger pumped through the koi pond to make an organic fog chiller :) The body parts and ground buster were illuminated by strobe light and not pictured is the giant spider and web. I was severely...
  5. General Halloween
    Happy Haunting! This is the first year I really tried to take my haunt to the next level, with lighting and fog and a truckload of new props. Let me know what you think! :D Couldn't have done it without all the support and creativity on this forum.
  6. Halloween Music
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c75UVr7GiNI Happy Halloween!
  7. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Decided to take my girlfriend to her first haunted house in Miami, FL. We went this past Wed. night, and had a blast. Very professional haunted attraction ( 2 acres - 30 mins. to walk through - including an authentic graveyard ) She was quite brave, yet scared very easily :D After the house...
  8. Halloween Props
    I figured rather then having threads all over the place for my wife & I's 2012 CarnEvil build I figured I would just start one and will update this one each time we build etc.
  9. General Halloween
    Thought I'd get a jump on the Target Halloween 2012 thread. Most stores will be setting up starting the first week of September. I will be taking pictures and posting them again this year. Anyone else is welcome to post pics that I don't have. So in about a week or so, I will start taking pics...
  10. General Halloween
    Have you been thinking about your costume? Or have you even started making it? Post your pictures for all to see. I have started thinking about mine and decided to be this: I would wear this with the classic blue-jean overalls and a plaid shirt
  11. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, Has anyone gotten any more information on whether Spirit will be getting a big Sam from Trick r' Treat or 3ft. Jigsaw on a Tricycle this year? If so, do you have any pictures? Being that Morbid and Gemmy usually keep Spirit's exclusive props a secret until Spirit shows them, I have...
  12. General Halloween
    okay ive taken your advice and in the last few weeks ive created a back story and map. basically there is 2 stories going on at the same time, the main plot is a witch cast a spell that affects the future and the government is too scared XD to go back in time to change it. So they send civilians...
  13. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone. Someone may have already posted this, but I just joined Halloween Forum today to notify you about some of the upcoming Tekky Toys props for this year. It is unknown where they will be available yet, but on their website I found the names and some descriptions of 6 new props...
1-13 of 14 Results