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  1. 2011 Halloween Over Sized Party Props

    General Halloween
    Giant Spider 8' Reaper waiting on new souls This is just Funny ^^
  2. Raven Manor 2011

    General Halloween
    Hello all, I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween. I lurk around here a lot but we had a great Halloween this year and wanted to share. We added some new things to Raven Manor this year too. Our animated grave slab is patterned after the Hallowed Haunting Grounds. There is also a...
  3. Our 2011 Yard Haunt Video

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  4. Zig Zag Zombie-Pop!

    Halloween Music
    Hello everyone! Just joined the forum and enjoying reading everything... discovering lots of new music :) My band (from London) Zig Zag Birds have just finished recording a Halloween music video. Wanted to share it with the biggest Halloween fans around - enjoy!! :D Let me know what you...
  5. 2011 Halloween Zombie Apocalypse

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    Hello everyone! I really just wanted to share an event that happening all over the world this Halloween starting Saturday October 29th and going to Halloween Night. You can find it on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=167371983284461 Or visit the official website...
  6. Trick r Treat Making Friends New Halloween Short

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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWWATh905tk&feature=player_embedded Cool new and latest "TRICK 'R TREAT' movie short!
  7. Burger King Again Offering 'Simpsons' Halloween Figuresl

    General Halloween
    http://tv.yahoo.com/news/burger-king-again-offering-simpsons-halloween-figuresl-172700136.html For a few years there, Burger King was offering little collectibles along with their kids' meals that spotlighted "The Simpsons" annual Treehouse of Horror Halloween special. Then they stopped. Well...
  8. Charlie Sheen Halloween Mask Is....WINNING!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Charlie Sheen Halloween mask is WINNING! Check out this year's hottest costume! Click Here To See It & Buy
  9. Official 2011 Yard Haunt Thread

    General Halloween
    It's that time of year again! The weather is changing, the jackets are being unpacked, and the ghosts are coming out!!! October starts in 3 days! If you haven't already, you're going to be breaking into those boxes upon boxes of decorations! Whether it's big or small, we all want to see what...
  10. I've Been Reaped! Thank You to my Secret Reaper :)

    It was early morning and I had been crying for two days (more about that later), we were just about to go out when there was a knock on the door. A delivery guy with a large box and I'm thinking "could it be?"... I signed for the box and he left. The label gave it away since it was from...
  11. Update from Conman camp!

    General Halloween
    Well, it's that time of the year! I've just started to draw up plans for my 5th annual haunt! Sadly, it's looking like it might be MY last for a while. (I'm graduating from High School this June.) Hopefully I can convince my sister to continue the tradition but she's not really into this...
  12. Halloween 2011 in Australian Stores!

    Well, okay...store. But still, that's a start :D I was lurking in a nearby shop when I thought I'd stalk the local discount shop, I've been ringing to find out when their new stock comes out...well...today they had out boxes and were stocking a table full of Halloween stuff! I spent nearly an...
  13. Official Halloween 2011 @ Target - With Pictures

    General Halloween
    Official Halloween 2011 @ Target - With Pictures ~ UPDATE page 4 + 5!! I just came back from my local Target, and I saw some merchandise being set up in the Dollar Spot ( located at the front by the check-lanes ) Glowsticks, trick-or-treat favors and some Pumpkin Can Coozies ( foam can covers...
  14. Halloween Season 2011

    Hey all, I'm back for the 2011 Halloween Season...not that I really left lol I've been lurking in the shadows for months. So here is an update... After several painful and expensive tests and specialists the condition of my injury that I had from the week before last Halloween is still present...
  15. Had to Move to New Digs--2011 Haunt Worries

    General Halloween
    Moving is such a headache. We'll two 26' U-hauls, and several pickup loads later we're just about settled in to our new place. James St. Cemetery is no more. I'm sure there will be a lot of disappointed folks in the old neighborhood. We used to have quite a few people come by and take pics...
  16. 2011 HAUNTED CANADA CALENDAR! Photos submissions needed

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Just a reminder that photos are needed for the 2011 Haunted Canada Calendar. Please get your photos in if you would like to submit (and really any level of home haunt, yard display, interior party decorations, walkthrough, corn maze or professional haunt - all are welcome to participate). I have...