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  1. Update from Conman camp!

    General Halloween
    Well, it's that time of the year! I've just started to draw up plans for my 5th annual haunt! Sadly, it's looking like it might be MY last for a while. (I'm graduating from High School this June.) Hopefully I can convince my sister to continue the tradition but she's not really into this...
  2. 2010 party photos

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I have already started planning my 2011 party and am looking for ideas. Here is the link to my 2010 party and would like to see other's post pics from last years parties as well. Maybe it will get the creative juices flowing. I am working on a putting down some recipes and a party planner guide...
  3. Let's go lakers!!!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    To all the Lakers Fans and to the haters! Let's do this one more time in 2011! Three-peat! We want a three-peat! Let's go Lakers! Clap-clap Clap-clap-clap! Let's go Lakers! Clap-clap Clap-clap-clap! Best of luck to the Los Angeles Lakers!
  4. Darkrose Manor 2010 - The Hollow

    General Halloween
    View the entire Daylight Details Slideshow here View the entire Night Photos Slideshow here Thanks for looking! Happy Halloween Everyone! :)
  5. My First Yard Haunt 2010 Pix & Vids - XtremeAaron

    General Halloween
    Halloween 2010 for me was rushed but successful. I started on this forum talking about pneumatics and how they function only to run out of time and budget. I threw what I could together and like how it turned out. I didn't have enough/sufficient lighting. If I go with the display rout next year...
  6. Static: My Bottomless Mineshaft

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys! Just wanted to share my bottomless mineshaft. Hope you enjoy! I've got big plans for next year. :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqs0SwPpOkA Also, see some pictures here: http://maxlds.blogspot.com
  7. Who is going to Universal's Halloween Horro Nights 2010?

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone is planning to go to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights this year? I have bought tickets for Sept 26th and will be judging it for myself. Many people have POS & NEG feedback about it so I will give it another try. I usually go to a different place...
  8. Spirit Halloween 2010

    General Halloween
    Our premium sponsor Spirit Halloween has just put A LOT of their new props online. You can order/pre-order many of them now. There are a lot of really cool props, costumes, masks etc. Better than any year before. They are listening to Home Haunters! Spirit Halloween Halloween costumes...
  9. Other: Prop Ideas for 2010!

    Halloween Props
    I went to Home Depot today and man was I excited! I have MANY props i'd like to create for 2010 but doing them in installments.... focusing on one prop at a time and not going nuts over 5 of 'em. So... here are my props i'd like to do! Cemetery Columns/Gate/Fence- Raven Manor . It kinda got...
  10. Halloween 2010

    General Halloween
    What's going on for Halloween 2010? I'm thinking about throwing a "fancy" victorian masquerade complete with some fog and creepy old cemetery! And a witch stirring a boiling cauldron... :D What about ya'll? :)