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  1. Halloween Album October 17th

    Halloween Music
    Get ready to get spooky with a six track halloween album that I'm releasing on the 17th. More details very soon.
  2. Chicago Suburbs IL: September 17th Halloween-centric Garage Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I'm preparing for a Halloween-focused garage sale this coming Saturday (the 17th) in Des Plaines. Small battery-op animatronics, critters, wigs, costume pieces, medical models and laboratory supplies, resin tombstones, short lifesiex foam witch, lots of household items that were bought with an...
  3. Halloween Extreme I'm Stoked

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Just got my tickets for fun and enjoyment May 15th through May 17th. What a line-up you got to check it out. Oh by the way it's in Orlando at Doubletree at Universal Studios.