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  1. Electronic/Software: PIRs

    Halloween Props
    So I have been playing around with a some used PIRs and I think I have learned a few things but I just want to confirm. I am working with 12V PIRs and have 12V actuators or 12 V LEDs hooked to them. First I noticed if I tried to directly hook the PIR to the actuator that the PIR triggers over...
  2. Mechanical: Raising a tombstone - What do I need

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, Kinda looking/searching into more animatronic props lately (building myself) and wanna get more into electrical and motors, etc. I created this prop this year, kinda like tombstone, built outta foam and wood. Maybe weights 20lbs or so. I was thinking of raising it up and down. So...
  3. Static: Can I connect a PIR to wireless remote switch?

    Halloween Props
    I have several store props that are a mix of sound or motion triggered. All are powered by AA batteries. They are near each other, and I'd like trigger them simultaneously via PIR. I happen to own a 12V 4CH Channel Wireless Remote Control Switch. Is there any way to connect the props to the...
  4. Lighting: LED Lighting Question - PSU, LED Driver

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, I bought some pre wired LED's that I'm using in a project. ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DZIRPM4/ ) I'm still trying to figure out how to hook them up, but need some help. Would I use a Power supply or LED driver to drive these? I only need 6-10 of these led's hooked up...
  5. Lighting: Great little spot lights

    Halloween Props
    Just wanted to share these awesome little spots I found on Amazon. I normally use 3w 120v LED spots in my green plastic yard stakes, then dust them with some black spray paint to tone the brightness down to where I want it. I use them to highlight props so they don't get lost in the dark and...
  6. Haunt almost ready (Pics)

    General Halloween
    The Majority of my display is now up and running, iv got one prop that has decided to pack in so that requires a look at tonight. Tomorrow just a general tidy round hiding wires, adding cobwebs etc This year i have setup a raspberry pi cam to stream to FaceBook and www.ossetthaunt.co.uk its...
  7. Lighting: Wiring question for LED's.

    Halloween Props
    I am making a cemetery in my front yard and I want to put flickering LED's in the PVC (candles) at the colums 3 LED's for the 12 colums for a total of 36 LED's. I am also running wire to 4 rows of 5 toumb stones with 4 LED's on each one for a total of 80 LED's. I have CAT wire that I want to...
  8. Mechanical: 12v ac motor

    Halloween Props
    Hello all I have a 12v ac 5rpm motor I need to power. Would I be able to use a spliced cheap extension cord?
  9. Prop Showcase: New Groundbreaker Coffin

    Halloween Props
    I think I am done with this one except for a cobweb treatment closer to Halloween. The skellie is just a skull, spine and some arms with a chicken wire body. It's lit with a short orange string light in the bottom and a 5 bulb 12V LED spot I made aimed at his face. This will be the focal...
  10. Lighting: Cheap Outdoor Lighting

    Halloween Props
    Hi guys, coming into the final stages of my setup now and ready to add some colour lighting outside. A friend of mine has been able to borrow a professional Fog machine (the dry ice kind) for my yard this year so I want to add some coloured lights to really show it off. I'm on a limited budget...
  11. Electronic/Software: Power supply question

    Halloween Props
    The IT guy where I work just gave me about 20 Computer power supplies. They are all 19.5 volt and like 5 amp. Can I use these on wiper motors and other 12V stuff or is it too much juice??? Thanks
  12. Lighting: Looking for Help with LED Lighting

    Halloween Props
    Hello all, looking for some advice with LED landscape lighting. I see 12V and 120V. The 12 doesn't appear to have many options in watts, but how many watts are needed? Seems like you might have more control with more lights lower wattage, but if you need a longer throw or are competing against...
  13. Static: Random 12v power supply

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone. I am looking for help with a prop I am making at the moment. It is a small hand operated morse code/telegraph machine. My question is how to make the unit move up and down in a random way, to simulate the original action, as discreetly as possible. My initial thinking was to...
  14. Need Help Sourcing LED Eyeballs

    Wanted to Buy
    A number of years ago I purchased some 12v LED eyeballs for my skeletons. I am looking to purchase more and cannot find the supplier. Anybody know where I can buy some more? This is what I am looking for...
  15. Static: Computer Power supply Control Box

    Halloween Props
    Hi all, I have been using computer power supplies to run my wiper motor props for a few years now, and finally decided to try and remote my power supply and run out low voltage cables to the props. I wanted to control 2 different props so I set up a box with two voltages in it, a 12V and a...
  16. Lighting: 12V LED PVC Candles

    Halloween Props
    We have PVC candles we made 4 years ago for our haunt. They use the battery powered tea lights, which tend to be a pain to remember to turn on and off, etc. So this year, I converted them over to 12V powered LEDs connected via RCA jacks. If you are interested in how I did it, here is a basic...
  17. Electronic/Software: Can't find right motor? Use a PMW controller for you crank ghost, leering, ect

    Halloween Props
    I'm sure this has been addressed may times however still seeing posts about drying up source of low speed high torque motors figured I'll put in my 2 cents. Every one knows the many uses and availability of windshield wiper motors main problem they move to fast for many props. Being a General...
  18. Electronic/Software: Looking for help with 12v power outlet

    Halloween Props
    Hey Folks, Looking for some electrical help tonight. I got the Bell direct wire quick connect 12v power outlet shown for $4 at a local Bldg. 19. It is intended to be installed in an automobile, with connection made to the vehicle's fuse box, to provide a 12v terminal block for connection of...
  19. Mechanical: Best (and cheapest) Way to Get Props in Motion

    Halloween Props
    I bought some masks at a 50% off sale this year that I want to use in next year's display. What I have in mind is a couple of groundbreakers in my graveyard, and I'd love to get some motion into them too. Head movement, or arms that move, something. I have a vague idea of somehow using a...
  20. Electronic/Software: How am i gonna use this pc power supply ???

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, I've just salvaged this computer power supply from my old pc and would like to use it to power a prop. The problem is, when i plug in the power supply nothing happens. I figure this is because the switch which would normally be located on the front of the desktop computer hasn't...