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  1. Halloween Funeral Hearse and Skeleton Horse For Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    It my breaks my heart, but due to health issues and relocation, it is time for me to sell my vintage Halloween funeral hearse and skeleton horse. Handcrafted by a superior carpenter, the carriage comes apart for easy storage. The lights work! Skeleton horse makes a scary noise and eyes light up...
  2. halloween 2017: one for the record books

    General Halloween
    tonight was a halloween i'll never forget. last year (our first year in a new house) we didn't get any ToTers. in fact, where i lived the few years before that, i really didn't get any either. i went to my mom and dad's a time or two on halloween night, and they get quite a few (~70-80 usually)...
  3. New in Raleigh, NC: Nerd- likes to mix computer generated effects,music, etc (video)

    Member Introduction
    Been building over time, all started with halloween and that carried over to xmas as well. I do a synchronized show with music, lights, effects. Right now Im up to 11,000 discrete channels of AC, DMX and RGB stuff. Halloween is much smaller than XMAS- more like 2,000 channels. Here's a quick vid:

    Halloween Music
    Hé you ;) Here's an Halloween video from a french band called NAGAKANAYA - "TROTTOIRS d'HALLOWEEN" :cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuiNnEKlrKw
  5. My Halloween blog got nominated for a major award - but I need help!

    General Halloween
    Hello fellow HF-ers. I run the blog www.eatthedead.com and we've been nominated for an epically HUGE award... Every year Saveur magazine holds an awards ceremony honoring the best blogs on the internet. They get over 30,000 entries and choose only 75 nominees for 12 major categories. Of those...
  6. I finally did it!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    It took 12 years.........but I reached 100, 000 posts tonight! I want to thank everyone that helped me reach it. I couldn't have done it without you. Actually, I didn't reach 100,000..........we all did!:) Now I have a decision to make. I said when I reached 100,000 I was going to retire. I've...
  7. Skulltronix Skull

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I purchased this in 2013 and have never had the time to use it unfortunately. In 2013 I paid $1,300 for it and now it is $1,600. I would like to get $1,000 shipped and I have the Enttec for it as well. I probably had it powered on about 30 minutes back in 2013 after I purchased it.
  8. OK Haunters, here's your chance - Haunted Mansion for sale in upstate NY for $105,000

    General Halloween
  9. 19,000 people on April 20

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Halloween or the day before is usually the busiest day here on Halloween Forum every year, with lots of people apparently looking for last minute ideas. But the largest number of users, over 19,000, was on April 20 this year at a little before 8 a.m. Pacific time. Does anyone remember what was...