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Hours of work
2 Days (Not all at once)

My first time playing around with beef netting. A little did go a long way. I added a little more to this and also had my back balcony covered in them and only used 1#. I wish I had gotten more. I got lucky and a seller had some listed on eBay. I keep checking for more since everywhere else is so expensive.


After I added finishing touches. The egg sacs are plastic xmas ornaments you get at Dollar Tree. I filled them with a remote controlled light (it changes colors!), clear vase filler rocks, put it in panty hose, then covered it in spiders, beef netting, and regular Halloween spider webs. The giant spider "Simon" is made out of PVC pipe, cheap plastic bowls, felt, and ping pong balls (eyes). I made the wreath too. It's just feather boa's and eyeballs.


Night shot. I wish I had taken more pictures but it was a weird angle.
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