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Hi friends, i'm from Greece, i like much your halloween celebration so i decided to make my own props!
I've made a lot, but these two belongs to my first try! They have moving, sound and lights, all adjustable! Hope you like it and give you some new ideas. Many infos have been taken from various of your posts and i want to thank you for that...


wings of death1.jpg


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hi there by chance do you have any step by steps instructions on how to make the soul reaper

Thanks Michael
Hi Michael. I would be happy to share info about this if you are interested, i don't have a total video construction, but I have taken many many photos during the construction and some videos, which i think could help you throught the process.Besides a little complexity on electronics (if you know the basics you are ok) the rest its easy. It divided into 5 basic parts, head, body, wings, motor/electronics and assembing/decor. Keep in mind that we use non proffesional materials, so some times we have to comlete a process with hard way. But you will find a way to make it roll... (and this of course applies to any project. Just don't give up :) After the beggining, it's the proccess itself that will guide you to the final completion, with lot of inspiration and solutions that never imagine you own! It cost me less than 100 euros and it's adjustable on movement speed at wings and mouth, you can rec and repeat any sound you want to play, you can control him from far away, has smoke effect from his mouth, it's lightweight, real human size and it's far away better on live view from what you can see in videos...
So, do you suggest to open a topic in the section "how to", or any other way?