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Purgatory Cauldron
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This prop originally started in 2010 as a typical black plastic cauldron. Then in 2012 it was painted a metallic silver color. In 2013 it was modified, repainted a blackish/brown rust color and a skull base was also created for it. In 2014 it was once again modified and given a more realistic rusted paint finish. By 2015 the Purgatory Cauldron was created. Two additional rusted cauldrons and skull bases were added. I also constructed several purgatory skeleton props that reside inside the cauldrons.
The Purgatory Cauldron is in fact three separate cauldrons. Each cauldron rests upon a raised skull base. Each skull base is independent thus allowing them to be arranged into a variety of configurations. LED lights are concealed within each base which allows for a variety of lighting colors and schemes. The main cauldron has a concealed space below it which conceals a fog machine. The cauldron also has an insulated "cooling chamber" that can hold ice, dry ice or frozen water bottles. This allows the fog to condense within the chamber before being released. The purgatory skeleton props were built to fit within the cauldrons but can also be switched for other props.


The original (painted) rusted cauldron was inspired by Dave Lowe's cauldron: http://davelowe.blogspot.com/2011/08/82-days-til-halloween-building-better.html
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Woe! Thank you for inspiring me! I've never been happy with my cauldron stack & this gives me the direction I needed. Also, Thank you for the link.