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My Old Haunt, the later years
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It started with a few homemade tombstones back in '07. Grew from there. in 2015 it took a huge leap forward. That was the year I joined the Halloween Forum!
2015: Bigger Props, better techniques, and the ARCH! I love the Arch. 24' wide, supported by 2, 4x4 A-Frames that use to be a swingset. The whole neighborhood stopped at my house!

Yes, that is a real piano!

Everything looks creepier under a blacklight!

"Torture Chanber' side of the yard, ScareCrow doesn't have his head yet because I carve a new pumkin for it every year.

two new large tombstones, Victor Frankenstein, and Vlad "Dracula" Tepes. I love both the classic monster movies, and the books that inspired them. The ghoul in back is a rescue from a Haunted Trail I use to work on. After 3 years in storage they sold off the supplies, so I had to go and buy a bunch of them.

Tombstones got a facelift, new foam front, 3D carving and some more unusual profiles.

2016: Some new Fencing and Skeletons, and the birth of 'GRIM'
Taller fence and chicken wire was meant as a combination decoration and Zombie Dog area for our new pup Doyle, but he ended up spending the night with us in the Lab.

A great use the old Wheelbarrow, this has to be one of my favorite ensembles, and so easy to do.

Lighting makes all the difference, the first time I've used Blue lights and absolutely loved it!

The 'other' side of the yard, The Cemetary, with Grim watching over the damned souls. Can you tell I like Blacklights?

Meet 'Grim', my grave walker. Build out of 2x2, chicken wire and spray foam. Tried for a real (flaming) pumpkin for a head. Had some troubles, he caught on fire, and his first head fell off (you can see it sitting on his foot)

2017: Grim Get's a new head! And we get a Skeleton Dog (Doyle hates him, I call him Spike) Pumpkins! Lots of Pumpkins.

Grim's Head. Custom foam around a beach ball and then carved. This is just a standard light. He hot upgraded to one of the 'fire' motion lights. Thanks to StillBeastStudio for the tutorial.

Pumpkins, I did about 1/2 of these, the other 1/2 were family and friends.

The yard gets flipped and re-arranged every year. experimented a lot more with lighting.

2018: more, More, MORE! Unknowingly, the last year for this location. sold the house in July 2019
New tombstone/light fixtures. the wide ones house a 4' shoplight with dual blacklight bulbs.


You can't tell from the photo, but the arch got a face lift, foam front for a carved faux-stone look.

Big new item this year.. the Rack, with corpsed skeleton.


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Love the arch!! That is fantastic! And great job on all the props. I'll bet yours was the best house for miles! :)
Thank you,
I had a few neighbors who kept up with me for the first few years, even got some great ideas from them, but somewhere along the way I took a dive into the deep end, and they just watched me go.

Unfortunately the arch is being mothballed this year, new house without driveway, so working on new fencing and a smaller cemetery arch for the walkway. Plan to bring it back out in a year or two with a new place, and some much needed improvements, both cosmetic and structural.

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I agree - that arch is wonderful! Love the garage being open with spooky wonders inside. I may have to do that! The lighting on the whole setup is fantastic---such a great display all around. Thanks for sharing!
If your garage is built anything like mine was, I made setup and tear down easy. I hung 4 - 4x8 sheets of plywood from the center beam across the garage on hinges. So at the end of the season, I just swung them up out of the way above the door. come Sept/October, swing them down again and Instant Laboratory/dungeon. Left me the back half of the garage as a workshop. They had scene setters stapled to the front. When I rebuild it I plan to make Faux-stone out of Foam sheets.

The arch was simple, but solid construction. Front and back face were Plywood made of 3 sections. then used 2x2 along the top and bottom, essentially built a box-beam. Supports were 4x4 A-Frames from kids old swing-set. Secured with 10" Lag screws, nothing short of a tornado would bring it down. At the end of the season I could take it apart in 3 sections to store it.
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Woah---that is ingenious just having panels you can swing up above the door during the offseason and down for setup. Thank you SO much for sharing that! What a brilliant idea for ease of setup and for storage! It is one of the longest parts of setup having to cover the walls in my garage when we do decor out there (had only had open to the house for parties not open to the street for trick or treaters like yours which I want to try!) Great info on the arch as well. Thanks for sharing your talent!