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Damnit Janet
Interior Halloween Displays
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2-3 Days to put up, 2-3 mos of prep
I live in a small apartment in downtown St. Pete, unable to decorate a house for Halloween- my boss has let me scratch my Halloween itch by decorating our office every year. He made a budget so I can buy a few props but a lot of it is handmade. So for the last 3 years I come in on the weekend of Columbus Day (Oct 15th ish) and have free rein to do what I want. Decorating a functioning office is difficult- you can't have low lighting, fog, smells or a lot of jump scares-plus everything has to be PC and be out of the way enough so people can still be productive. It's challenging but I love it.
Decorating an office.

Office walkthrough 2018: Frankenstein Receptionist, Alien Break Room, Dead Coders and much more!

Office walkthrough 2017: Lobby Couch Graveyard, Mummy Memos, Man Eating Office Plants, Clown Conference room and more!

Never got a video of 2016 but I attached some pics: Seance in the HR office, Bug Portal Hallway, Burnt Witch Lobby Greeter etc!



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Amazing! I’m in Lakeland- are there any Haunter groups in that area?

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what did u use to stick the bugs on the door/wall?
Sorry so late to the reply: The wall was a doorway that was always closed so it had a little depth so I took a fold out white foam board and made a false wall that way. You can kind of see in one of the pictures. For the bug i simply hot glued them to cardboard.