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Its been awhile since I have been able to do Halloween, but this year the 'bug' was too strong.

So, I started this costume years ago and slowly built it over time. Just curiosity and fun until a few months ago when I pushed it through. I like how the armor turned out, but I need to improve on the muscle suit. I need to find a better way of doing it... and probably make some armor shoes!!! :) Walmart slippers just doesn't work well for it but my feet were warm!

Regardless, kids loved it. Fellow teacher who worked on the painting with me is standing next to me.

I have it wired up for lights and sound, but can't see it in the daylight.


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Holy moly that is an epic costume!!

Other guy's is really great too, but he's getting lost due to standing next to yours. :D

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Those are both tremendous costumes. I love your choice of footwear?

Typing Away
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Wow that is some costume that you have made.