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Witch Garden 2019
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All together around 3-4 weeks
I kept changing my mind on things this year so I was a bit all over the place. I wanted a witch garden but had a hard time with space and finding the things I wanted.

Here is a full view. I think it turned out pretty cute~


My potion making table. I used a cool little fog machine in the cauldron. It changes colors and the water lasts quite awhile in it. It does splash a lot though. I should have made a lid for it. There are ingredients in all of the jars. Most of the jars are from yummy oui yogurts. The others I got at the dollar store or Joann Fabrics. I also have old books under it. It turned out pretty well.


I put up the webbing I used last year and some lights, vines, and wisteria.


This is before the webbing and table. I love my eyeballs! They are made from foam balls, wire, and yarn.

Also before the webbing. These are my adorable plants I made. The big one is Clyde, he made a spider friend immediately. He didn't hold up the best.


This is Clyde before. I have an elbow piece for the piping in the back. I just strapped him to the post outside and covered it all in ivy and lights. He is made from a craft pumpkin, foam, and air dry clay. I then painted him and clear coated him. I had hoped that the clear coat would protect him but the clay didn't like the rain too much...

This is his what he looked like in the end haha! He kinda looks like he was foaming at the mouth so I just kept it. That eyeball under him also melted a bit. Lesson learned. Air dry clay would be great if you are doing a garage display.



These are my little ones. They made it for the most part. This is actually at the end so the rain didn't get to them as much. These are made of foam, air dry clay, and wire. I weighed them down with sand. Luckily I live a few minutes away from the beach so it was free. I do have a few pictures of these being made if you are interested.

I used my last year decorations on the balcony....


Simon is just hanging out. He is actually still out there now haha! My landlord can't see my balcony.


Last but not least, our pumpkins!!! The only thing I can get my husband to do with me. He always goes for bold and goofy.

Thanks for taking a look! I want to do something with crows next year. I love crows!!!


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I LOVE everything!! Great lighting, I am always a sucker for the beef net webs, and the carnivorous plants are just delightful - like a living cartoon but GREAT detail work. And I also love the eyeballs on the wisteria!

Just absolutely lovely all the way round. :)