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I finally found a few picture from Halloween of 2017. That year I was preoccupied with getting married so I didn't take many pictures.

My very first coffin! I am 5'4" and I fit inside. I used nails so it was too painful to do so. I had so much fun!

I even made one for my cats...

I also got a jigsaw this year so I had some fun...

I just used some cheap fencing from Home depot. I ended up nailing a candle into the cross and let it drip a bit. I then used a LED candle to be safe. It turned out pretty cute.


I lined the coffin with red lights and I added a cross to the front, you cant see it very well though. I also stained the whole thing. I also had a fog machine going behind it. I actually looooove that xmas comes out early. Where else would I get cheap red or green lights? I also use the plastic diy xmas bulbs for egg sacs.


This is all I could find. I had lights going all through the yard with candles and my new headstones. I also made a quicky spider out of cardboard. I didn't have much time because of the wedding and people visiting so I focused on the coffin and headstones. This was my last year at that house. I miss the yard. When I get a yard back I will probably start working on stuff the moment I move in haha! I actually always keep halloween in mind when moving. Thankfully I have a pretty large porch.

Thank you! Till next time! 馃



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Nice collection. How did you stand the wooden tombstones? I like that idea, the probably don't get too messed up with the wind. I never did tombstones after my first halloween in vegas when I learned that the wind would be my nemesis.