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Witch Yard 2016
This year I decided to dig up the headstones from the year before. We buried them so they were even more awesome the next year. They were covered in moss and egg sacs! Pretty cool. I also made a giant cauldron and painted bottles to decorate the porch like potions. Little kids loved it!


The cauldron is a giant round tote, half oval cardboard glued/taped to the side, more duct tape, then spray paint. To get it to fog up green (which looked awesome when it got darker), I stuck the fog machine in there with green string lights.


My "potions"

I also had a little scare crow guy. I ran out of time with him. He's still cute though.

The year after this I ended up making a giant coffin out of wood planks that I could actually fit into. I went the vampire route. It was leaking red light so it looked so cuuuuute! I also ended up buying myself a jigsaw so I made all new headstones. I will post it whenever I find the pictures.

Thanks for looking! 👻
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Looks spooky cool! All the colorful lights by the door look great. Pretty busy looking road judging from the pictures. Is there a sidewalk for the ToT's to walk along? Would love a look at the coffin when/if you find the pix. 🦇