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Hours of work
3 years (and going on)...

This bar has it all. And i mean EVERYTHING! to drink, to eat, to fun, any idea is adapted on it! has 2 refrigerators, oven!, live karaoke, dj console, fog machine, strobe lights, radio, WiFi, Bluetooth connection, small TV, PlayStation, mini pc, power supply station, mini projector with up to 50 inches! view, arcade console games, prize claw machine, ice cream maker, cocktails shaker, up to 4 -automatic- fan, aquarium, bubble machine maker, sound bars, sub woofer, you can drink Coffee, cocktails, eat pop corn, hot dog, crepes and many many other thinks... Full of props ,all decors are moving and have sound and lights, controlled by a central panel full off buttons, switches and joysticks. EPIC! (or not), it took me 3 years, worked mainly in summer weekends... and keep going, but now we have a lot of fun anytime... welcome you for a drink :)

see the video,
dedicated to HALLOWEEN fans with love...

"DARE your wishes"



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thank you Jim!
Yes, there are so many other things that do not appear in the video. I will make a new presentation soon...