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General Information

MIMIC lock
Classic horror
Hours of work
6 or so
I sculpted sculpey clay on a wood block and baked it. I molded the mimic lock with Smooth On 20T silicone and cast one in rigid foam and some in Smooth On 325 with resin powder and then paint. I drill out the hoop holes and used a black plastic hanger painted to match with a set screw in the back to lock the hoop in place so it can be used over and over on different props. The locks in haunt world suck ass so I took it upon myself to build the best. This Mimic was my test, I have 6 other locks ready for molding.


More information
Spirit Halloween can suck it! They dont have anything like this. HANDMADE IN U.S.A!!!
Dungeons and Dragons Mimic, monsters, gothic locks, shitty puffy plastic locks inspired me
It opens and closes and can be moved from prop to prop.
The haunt world doesnt have any good lock props. Challenge accepted, I made 7. Come get some Spirit!



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