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General Information

Creepy Halloween Well
Hours of work
2 to build 2 hours to dry
Easy Cheap well build for Halloween
All you need:
Chicken wire or plastic bird fence
stakes for ground
"Great stuff" spray foam (about 7)
Black paint (2 cans)
Adhesive (Foam board adhesive and spray glue)
Dollar store
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I've been thinking about this prop (because I want to build it) and I was wondering what your plan is for staking next year, or is this a one year and done prop for you? I ask because the top well edge covers up the stakes and it doesn't appear to have where you could hammer them in next year without damaging the prop. Just wondering if I missed a

I'm thinking maybe instead of the big green ground stakes, still using the wood stakes for the bones of the prop, but using maybe landscaping fabric stakes or tent stakes on the inside to hold it into place...in Oklahoma, we know better than to not properly secure our lawn props! I had zombies go for a ride in a small tornado two years ago!! ?

On a side note...I wonder if my neighbors would be upset if I did this to my whole chain link fence for all-year round? ?

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Thank you so much for sharing ❤ this looks like a super fun project I may try next year.

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I love it - especially how there's a few skulls used as stones! :D

I had a well for several years made with white bead foam block "glued" with great stuff and then painted, so just to precaution anyone using GS to build outdoor props: it will degrade over time if kept outside or where it gets hot. It is sensitive to heat/UV I believe and turned brittle and I lost my prop about 5 years of use even with it being stored. Hopefully if you live in a cooler climate than surface-of-the-sun hot in the summer, GS props will last longer. ;)