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Making our Monsters for the deco un our streets
Lots of diys with items from dollar tree. Branches from backyard
Grandfather clock I made using just cardboard boxes, glue gun, and dollar tree Halloween items
This is last year's home haunt. This year a new theme. Hurray hor HollyWeen!
I replicated the scarecrow in the opening scenes of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow.
Cool method for corpsing your Halloween skeletons.... Mix school glue with water (about 1:3) ratio. Then using a paint brush brush the mixture onto your skeleton and cover wet areas with paper napkins. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the coverage... Once dried, paint over the...
A Nightmare Makers rigid foam skull I cut up to display my Demon Tiki torches
I sculpted onto a rigid foam NM skull and fit it onto a tiki torch
Rigid foam cyclops heads on wooden spears
I use leftover latex, old wigs and blood to make human scalps
Hand made outfits and hand made bag and club and trick or treat Studio mask
Passed on the jack in the box from the 2017 it when Beverly is in the sew and Pennywise jumps out of the box and dances
My leering skeleton sitting on a fake chimney from 2021
713 903 5487, hit me up, for exact det!details!
I started with a rigid foam skull and added loctite foam horns and jaw extensions
I used sculpey air dry clay over a cut down Nightmare Makers rigid foam skull
These lights can be used to light a pathway or hang as lanterns.
I used some oak limbs and foam skulls to build out a tripod for my swamp witch
This is a resin copy of a sculpt made of super sculpey clay
I molded a handful of real rail road spikes to mold in resin for projects
These are dollar store tiki torches and rigid foam skulls that work
Resin skull lollipops built my me and poured in uv/ glow resin
I chop up an xmas nutcracker to make her in to 1935's Bride of Frankenstein
I chopped up Hobby Lobby huge nutcracker and made him Krampus
These are super sculpey clay baked in the oven to be molded in silicone and cast in resin