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My Fb video of the sconce working is here: Log into Facebook | Facebook
This shelf has hidden blacklight bars hidden under glass.
These are some Premo Sculpey pieces I did to try out mold making.
I used a piece of 3/8 fuel line and old shovel handle with my own rust and grey wood formulas
An aluminum plate with fiberglass resin fingers
Fog juice and blacklight paint in sanded/ sandblasted jars
I sculpted this belt buckle for my full size demons loin cloth.
The year for coffins
A make macaque monkey skull I've had for years that deserved a better display
Halloween 2019 props, made with paper mache casts with black robes and gas masks added.
Halloween prop made with a paper mache core and latex cast half mask and wig.
Halloween prop made with a paper mache core and latex cast head and wounds.
A faux vampire dire wolf built on a black bear form for size
Full size horseman built on pvc, foam and fiberglass axe, hand formed steel breastplate
This is Damien. I built him on my YouTube channel at Cobwebs and Candlesticks. I stretched and corpsed a skeleton, added horns i stole from a SPIRIT ram skull and mounted them. I also fiberglassed his hands feet to look like Nightcrawler .
A cheapo Amazon skull I aged and made a base for as a companion piece to my brain in a jar.
9-10 ft tall pvc Jack Skellington
Here is Madam Belben, something I created for my yard haunt back in 2005. Dana Belben actress from Surf's up, is the face and voice. Daniel Russ edited. Jennifer Edwards shot and edited this video.
I built some tongues for my demons out of polymer clay.
This is a dollar store bird I corpsed up for my first ever prop I built for my son's first b- day party 20 years ago. Polly is zip tied to One-dyed Willies shoulder
Witchy graveyard for front yard
Headless horseman graveyard
Front porch witch/spider/garden
I finished up my skull knight costume. Still got more to do, but at least we got it out for the kids this year.
The very first nut cracker I ever rebuilt.
I built this cannibal headhunter out of a professor nut cracker.
The end result came together pretty well.
My first attempt at a burlap/latex mask
Some clearance urns I picked up for 8$ each. I ground off the bee and swapped in a skull I molded from fiberglass resin and glued on I . I'll probably use them to top some columns.
This a were wolf skull on a home depot skeleton with stretched arms new hands and feet and thrift store clothes