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A faux vampire dire wolf built on a black bear form for size
Full size horseman built on pvc, foam and fiberglass axe, hand formed steel breastplate
This is Damien. I built him on my YouTube channel at Cobwebs and Candlesticks. I stretched and corpsed a skeleton, added horns i stole from a SPIRIT ram skull and mounted them. I also fiberglassed his hands feet to look like Nightcrawler .
A cheapo Amazon skull I aged and made a base for as a companion piece to my brain in a jar.
9-10 ft tall pvc Jack Skellington
Here is Madam Belben, something I created for my yard haunt back in 2005. Dana Belben actress from Surf's up, is the face and voice. Daniel Russ edited. Jennifer Edwards shot and edited this video.
I built some tongues for my demons out of polymer clay.
This is a dollar store bird I corpsed up for my first ever prop I built for my son's first b- day party 20 years ago. Polly is zip tied to One-dyed Willies shoulder
Witchy graveyard for front yard
Headless horseman graveyard
Front porch witch/spider/garden
I finished up my skull knight costume. Still got more to do, but at least we got it out for the kids this year.
The very first nut cracker I ever rebuilt.
I built this cannibal headhunter out of a professor nut cracker.
The end result came together pretty well.
My first attempt at a burlap/latex mask
Some clearance urns I picked up for 8$ each. I ground off the bee and swapped in a skull I molded from fiberglass resin and glued on I . I'll probably use them to top some columns.
This a were wolf skull on a home depot skeleton with stretched arms new hands and feet and thrift store clothes
I built the Gillman out of a crappy Xmas nut cracker
I chop up nutcrackers for infringing upon Halloween shelf space when the Xmas crap overflows 5 months before Xmas.
40' ship in the front yard
These are Party City molds I poured concrete in and dyed in red RIT dye. They lightened up alot after sitting out in the sun for a few weeks.
I used a catacomb curtain plastic skulls as molds and made these bad boys. I stained them with Rustoleum concrete stain and some with RIT dye
EPIC or NOT, this BAR is the ultimate HALLOWEEN place!
I’ve found a way to use my projection lights in my house
a small decoration of a hunted house
My nightmare before Christmas diy
A broken roadside find I rebuilt
A 5 gallon bucket I made a stump out of
This is a 2DOF motion platform that is made to haul 2 rows of seats and seat 6 passengers. It used a Ultra Short Throw projector (an EST-P1) and a promethean interactive smart board for the mount and the projection screen. It originally used Anaglyph 3D, pictured, but now uses Active Shutter...