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My apoc war club is rigid foam in Nightmare Makers molds.
2019 Sleepy Hollow hotel
I used a Nightmare Makers femur mold to encase steel conduit in rigid foam
I use sculpey clay over wood blocks to create locks I can mold to put on props
This is a steel strap, rigid foam and fiberglass plus plastic chains
This is my Animatronic Pirate Skeleton Bartender
I used a Ben Cooper style mask as a mold
This is a Nightmare Makers rigid foam skull I molded into my tailgate.
I sculpted this angler fish in sculpey clay to mold and give to my trick or treaters
This is loctite foam hand formed into a gator
This is a replica of a tombstone from a show my Mom watched when I was little
I built this lock using sculpey clay baked on top of a wooden block then molded it
I poured some resin monsters and used glow in the dark glue to mount on my mismatch canisters.
Purgatory Cauldron, we'll save you a place
This foam filled mask is by Allen Hopps of Stiltbeast Studios. I made the driftwood plaque out of old pallets.
Caboschons from Amazon and a hand made sculpey claw
These are Nightmare Makers skulls shaved down and stained for my new cabinets.
The Grand Guignol – was a theatre in the Pigalle district of Paris. From its opening in 1897 until its closing in 1962, it focused in naturalistic horror shows.
A Horrordome head, pvc body and goodwill duster
Using thrift store, swap meet and yard sale finds I cut up and welded back together
An old car maunual, rigid foam skull and fiberglass spikes I made
This started as a Home Depot xmas bulb, dollar store xmas bulb, 3/8 fuel line and a reindeer motor.
An old back brace, rigid foam skull with plastic chains
I sculpted this handle from polymer clay for my vampire hunter kit
A plaque I built to giveaway on my youtube channel.
Working on the props to build me a vampire hunter kit
I used dollar store pipe cleaners and fiberglass resin
A new hatchet handle with foam head skinned in body filler and fiberglass resin
Some original sculpts I made and molded to be made into magnets for my trick or treaters.