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I used some oak limbs and foam skulls to build out a tripod for my swamp witch
This is a resin copy of a sculpt made of super sculpey clay
I molded a handful of real rail road spikes to mold in resin for projects
These are dollar store tiki torches and rigid foam skulls that work
Resin skull lollipops built my me and poured in uv/ glow resin
I chop up an xmas nutcracker to make her in to 1935's Bride of Frankenstein
I chopped up Hobby Lobby huge nutcracker and made him Krampus
These are super sculpey clay baked in the oven to be molded in silicone and cast in resin
A Nightmare Makers skull with added foam shaved down
Polymer clay bodies and accessories with dimensional fabric paint icing
I put up my black tree with all my creepy ornaments
I used Amazon ice cube trays to make fake resin bolts heads
Witches conjuring the dead
I converted a Home Depot anaconda to spit fog and overhauled it.
This is a foam tombstone built to honor the memory of Anthony Woodle.
This is my zombie trick.or treater built with pvc, amazon hands and feet and an unkown head
This is my updated zombie werewolf. He is a Home Depot skeleton and werewolf skull that's been corpsed and furred .
I overhauled a Spirit sewer varmint with tumors and boils, stitches and grafting
DIY Halloween decorations for nightmare before christmas lovers
Graveyard sign made from an Old Headboard
This is an old 70s mirror frame I shortened and distressed then cut a sheet metal back board
Batty, pumpkin ornaments to hang on your Spooky Halloween tree.
I was inspired by vintage Beistle wall clings for this homemade non- pattern Halloween costume .
these are resin locks I sculpted, molded an cast that open and can be moved from prop ro prop.
My apoc war club is rigid foam in Nightmare Makers molds.
2019 Sleepy Hollow hotel
I used a Nightmare Makers femur mold to encase steel conduit in rigid foam
I use sculpey clay over wood blocks to create locks I can mold to put on props
This is a steel strap, rigid foam and fiberglass plus plastic chains
This is my Animatronic Pirate Skeleton Bartender