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Wellers 2019 Haunt
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This year we decided to go with a biohazard/industrial waste theme and it turned out pretty well I think. Nearly everything handmade, except things like skeletons of course. The tall pipe int he beginning of the vid has a sound of a monster down in the deep echoing up. Kids can hear it as they walk up the steps. On the right side we have a Skelton cranking a drive wheel that pulled the chain to open the furnace door. Inside were full size candy bars.
How it worked was, the trick-or-treated would come to me at the door, I would present to anyone older than 8yrs and option. They could take the small candy and move on or step over to my wife and try to solve a Halloween riddle to earn a large bounty. If they failed they could take the walk of shame back to me for a small candy. Few had to walk back. :)

Everyone had great fun and we gave away over 200 pieces of candy and 90 full sizers. It really has turned into an event for all. Great fun.
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Also used this to teach some local kids how to solder and stuff. Made a little classroom out of it.
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