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  1. Halloween secad sounds idea?

    Halloween Props
    You're talking about surround sound - I'm pretty sure that's what it got relabled as the technology grew more widely used. It absolutely is possible for a home haunter to do this sort of thing, just needs to be worked with so you know what sound channel is linked to what speaker and make sure to...
  2. Prop Building Competition?

    General Halloween
    We used to do contests here. Definitely would be for bragging rights as contests for prizes/money need more supervision and we'll need to consider logistics about shipping and exchange rates if members outside the U.S. participated, and set limitations to voting so as to avoid any shenanigans...
  3. Goodwill Zultan

    General Halloween
    Found him! He was a Lowes exclusive from the looks of it: https://www.halloweenforum.com/threads/lowes-halloween-2018.197147/page-2#post-2454839 https://www.halloweenforum.com/threads/lowes-halloween-2018.197147/page-2#post-2454855 ^says he was being sold for $149 !! :D If cardboard isn't...
  4. Goodwill Zultan

    General Halloween
    That looks like the fortune teller that either Home Depot or Lowes had last year, and he came with a fabric tent type "booth" setup. You could easily build a replacement with a nice bit of cardboard or if you're lucky to find one - fridge box. GREAT score tho! :D
  5. Halloween Air Dancers?

    General Halloween
    You could make one if you have the air blower and the thin canvas fabric and sewing skills. It's just a tube of fabric with arms made/attached. I've seen ones for Halloween. Googling "air dancer" or "sky dancer" brings them up...
  6. Your One Item?

    General Halloween
    Vortex Tunnel! Can I choose that too? Because I really do love that effect... A full-scale pepper's ghost effect with moving objects in the background? Yeah that would be so cool. Like a dining room with the table set with skeleton food and have a ghost appear and things like glasses and...
  7. Hello Haunters from England!

    Member Introduction
    Welcome! :)
  8. Bert's Power Curtains

    Halloween Props
    Interesting idea... be nice to see the video and how it works.
  9. Party Punch Ideas??

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I haven't tried these, but I remember WANTING to try them, and they're pinned (along with several other punches/drinks) on Halloween Forum's FOOD board: https://revelandglitter.com/2015/10/its-halloweek-toxic-ooze-halloween-punch/ https://www.ladybehindthecurtain.com/blood-orange-vampire-juice/
  10. Foam board Cemetery Questions

    Halloween Props
    I live in the Gulf coast region - which is a hurricane prone area - and I tried the crypt building with just wood frame and 1" foamboard, and it was so destroyed every time it got windy/stormy. Mine lasted 2 seasons before I got tired of the constant fixing and broke it down (repurposed the...
  11. Thought these were clever

    Halloween Crafts
    Dane beat me to it! :D Those are really cute. I see those pans in the thrift stores ALL the time... hmmmmmm.
  12. Need help with Gemmy Dead Eye Drake - can't release catches to full height

    Halloween Props
    It probably doesn't need a key. Oh cool! Here's something from a person with the same issue: https://www.halloweenforum.com/threads/life-size-pirate-stuck-in-storage-position-help.110665/ So lay him down on his back and look at the base, you should see two screws, turn them (left-y loose-y...
  13. Getting Emails Even Though I'm Opted Out

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Not the admin, but do suggest that you double check if you haven't that all your checkboxes are unchecked for things you don't want alerts/contact for. Click on your round avatar image, then look for the second from the bottom option: Account Settings. In the FIRST screen you will see a list...
  14. Cheap graveyard columns - cardboard!

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I just referred to these on another post and realized that photobucket was causing more shenanigans again (they decided to make ALL photos disappear everywhere unless you paid them a monthly fee a few years ago, then had a change of heart in the last year so the images all started working again...
  15. Need ideas on how to mount inflatable eyeballs in a tree

    Halloween Props
    Those are really nifty! This is likely a not good way of doing things, but maybe someone else will jump in with "just do X" that will be MUCH better, and at least my suggestion below may be an easy to try option? :D I likely would try just using the cords to loosely "tie" them into the...
  16. Glidden Gripper

    Halloween Props
    I would think so. The Glidden stuff was being discussed at minimum 3 years ago, so as you confirmed that PPG is the parent company of Glidden, it's probably safe to assume they just rebranded it. Yup. Confirmed: https://www.glidden.com/products/glidden-gripper-primer-1 States that Glidden...
  17. Airbrush makeup

    If you're looking for good tutorials, I suggest checking out youtube and just searching through some of the videos on there by searching "airbrush makeup special effects" so you get more of the costume/Halloween type of vids. Then watch a few to see if you like them or they seem like your...
  18. Show us your "Pillars"

    Halloween Props
    Mine are cardboard, around 3 foot tall, and were not expected to last more than one season... and yet they are at least 10 years and still hanging in there. I painted them with a mix of latex house paint and a little mortar mix tossed in to give them a stone look, and the toppers are basic craft...
  19. Mostly homemade Sam

    Halloween Props
    I love your Sam. He looks just perfect! Are you using a child sized mannequin or did you build a body form yourself? Did you sew the costume? And really awesome you included the lolly. I adore the lolllypop. :D I made a full sized adult costume back when the movie came out and it was still...
  20. Collapsible Cemetery Columns

    Halloween Props
    That is WONDERFUL! I have 3 foot high cardboard columns that are installed by snugging them down over two stakes I drive into the ground with a mallet. They've lasted 10+ years even in some heavy rains, and as pleased as I am with them still, I would have LOVED to have thought to make them...
1-20 of 193 Results