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  1. Reintro

    Member Introduction
    I had to wipe my laptop clean and lost al my favorite sites and passwords. Been gone too long from this page. Very happy to be back on. I'll be updating as my work has changed so much and last Halloween was amazing. Can't wait to share. My attraction, Massacred Memories, was a hit. It's off to...
  2. members photos

    Member Introduction
    I am the butcher. I come to slaughter :D
  3. Re-introduction

    Member Introduction
    ....and they keep getting scarier each and every time I make them.........not to mention you're talkin to a scary guy.....do ya think I'm qualified??? lol So happy seeing my new name :) Thanks creeps! (and I mean that in the most loving way)
  4. Re-introduction

    Member Introduction
    Formerly Face Dealers, I have gotten away from the name and went on to my own creation and start new. Admin has granted me a name change to Lot27. As Lot 27 I provide masks mostly to haunters at the Haunted Mill Scream Park in Spring Grove, Pa just west of York. They are available to anyone...
  5. New masks added to photo album

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Check em out. Hit me up by PM if interested in anything. Excellent high quality soft latex.
  6. Static: My first Paper Mache Skull....Need advise

    Halloween Props
    Looks great. I don't know anything about this stuff. What kind of mixture do you use?
  7. Latex Witch heads and masks

    Wanted to Buy
    How about one designed by a board member and produced by myself? Hit the link to my 2010 Halloween masks. I would have posted something in the announcements but the board if locked out there???
  8. Prop Showcase: made this custom mask...

    Halloween Props
    Sick. And to get a pull from the real mold...incredible. Very nice detail.
  9. Why so few female masks/props?

    General Halloween
    Interesting topic. My clay will be freed up soon and I'm on a roll with a themed series to be released soon. A female inspired one may really set it off. I'm going back through the thread to reread the comments. Hopefully there will be something to apply to this new design.
  10. Is anyone going to the auction today?

    General Halloween
    This is the event of the year IMO (besides Halloween itself). It's huge. Hoping to see updates throughout the auction. It's just amazing. The quality of some of it is tops.
  11. New mask added to photo album

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Just finished up a new mask. Snug fitting 24" that exposes the ears for excellent hearing, greeat eye sight and the mouth and nose are open for unobstructed screaming and breathing while chasing down TOTs It fits lie a glove and looks like make up. Should black out the mouth area and eyes for...
  12. National Haunters Convention

    General Halloween
    Where did they have the classes this year? Didn't see them. It doubled in size this year. Was great to see. Missed a few people from last year though. Mt. Skeleton was one. That's where I left most of my money. Was hoping for more props but nothing really struck me as "must have." Still had a...
  13. New Midnight Syndicate video

    Announcements / Press Releases
    YouTube- Halloween music video "Dark Legacy" by Midnight Syndicate Enjoy! Please comment. Hit the LIKE if you really dig it I just met Ed from MS at the Haunters Convention. Great guy.
  14. National Haunters Convention in Valley Forge

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    I'm headed up there. Passed on getting a table this year. Looks like I missed out big time
  15. would this work or is it too much?

    General Halloween
    The cost of painting tarps have got to add up quick. I used black plastic from Walmart or Home Depot. It was in the paint area. Good luck.
  16. RIP Peter Steele

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I absolutely love and follow TON for some time now. Seen them a few times. The last tour made you wonder but there were rumors from the Seventh Void guys that TON was not over. Sadly it is now. Hail and farewell to Peter :(
  17. Ugly Americans.....greatest show ever!

    Haunted Humor
    I keep forgetting to set the DVR. I keep seeing parts of it from recording South Park. I really dig what I've seen so far.
  18. Anyone Planning for 2010 yet?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I just added another mask I am working on for 2010. Thanks to Yubney for letting me base it on one of his props.
  19. facebook..........who does it here

    Got one too. I post my masks there. Will do a fan page soon for Lot 27. There is a FaceDealers one that my friend did for me last year. Made some changes and the name went with it. It's under Stacker Steve or Lot 27. I don't know. Login | Facebook
  20. H2H - Halfway To Halloween Parties

    General Halloween
    Cuz Halloween is just that badarse. One night is not enough. That and getting ladies scantly dressed ;)
1-20 of 102 Results