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  1. Queen Anne's Revenge

    Halloween Props
    Sorry. Having a hard time uploading pics and videos.
  2. Pirate chest and other nautical props

    Halloween Props
    ALL Handmade with fiberglass. Great for outdoors or inside.
  3. Queen Anne's Revenge - haunt setup

    Halloween Props
    Queen Anne's Revenge. All handmade cannons fire smoke and the small one fires confetti. There are lights in the cannons. Having hard time trying to upload video, but here are pics.
  4. Queen Anne's Revenge

    Halloween Props
    Attached is copy of pirate ship cannons light up and smoke. All props made from fiberglass except rum barrell
  5. Help inspire me to dream up a boxed Scary Tales invite :D

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Check out pinterest ..there are some neat ideas
  6. Walmart 2018 halloween

    General Halloween
    try wish.com. they have a lot of led strips in lots of colors. You may have to wait a few weeks for delivery though
  7. Howdy from St. Petersburg, FL

    Member Introduction
    Hi. I'm new to this post and actually the whole forum thing. I found this site when I went on pinterest looking how to make a pirate ship bow for our front lawn display. My daughter was born a few days before halloween..so naturally she LOVES anything and everything Halloween. Glad to...
  8. Howdy from Fox Hollow Farms, FL!

    Member Introduction
    Hi. I'm new to this forum also. Saw your post about your corn maze. Would love to come and try it out when you are open. I'm in st petersburg. My daughter was born a few days before Halloween and we have always done a big holiday themed birthday party for her. She is a huge Halloween...
1-8 of 8 Results