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  1. Happy Birthday Firedancer!!!!!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Birthday Happy Birthday Fire Hope your Day brings you nothing but Joy and fun Birthday Wishes
  2. Get Well Spookyboo!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I am still on the mend but able to stop by now and again. Thank you to everyone for their support and well wishes it really does make me feel better. I love all the little pictures and I cant say enough how much I miss my little family here at the forum. You guys are about the best group of...
  3. Happy 21st haverghast asylum

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Happy Birthday Haver hope your day is filled with spooky fun!!! oh and perhaps a manwich sandwich!!!! Have a blast
  4. Mah 08 Joker Makeup Trial - be mean >_<

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I think the make up is awesome...I know you are going to keep fine tuning it anyway :) so it can only get better....P.S. sometimes exaggeration looks better in the dark I cant wait to see your finale pics...your doing great!!!
  5. Scheduling Chats

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hey I know we are all super busy this time of year with props and what not but there are so many old and new friends that I feel I cant seem to keep in touch with. I thought I would start this thread to try and schedule some chat times with people. As a general rule I can meet anyone in the...
  6. OEJ: Excuses! Excuses!!!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    OH I so love that guitar OEJ....and nice to see you post ...I was missing you!!!!!!
  7. A Pic to Inspire a Story

    Literature and Role-Playing
    The full moon shone down on his wings as angel boy tried to steady his flight. He was still new to flying and he was always unstable when he first started out. So strange to feel the wind scream by his ears as he soared over the buildings feeling the truest freedom he had ever felt. As the...
  8. Twilight

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Hi, I was surprised to see that Edward was being played by the guy who played Cedric in Harry Potter. While he is very good looking...It didnt match the Edward I had in my head. Succub'OZ tell OEJ that Bella tried my patience as well she wasnt to bright.....But I did love the series and I am...
  9. And Now It Begins!!

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Hi, I am sorry ...I have been having some problems..it seems I need a kidney biopsy. I have been diagnosed with Lupus and they need to see if my kidney values are down because of the lupus or if they are another problem. I haven't been online a whole lot ...but I am starting to sort things...
  10. And Now It Begins!!

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Sorry I haven't posted in a bit, but I was sick....feeling better now though..!!!! I walked carefully toward the secret door, I had no idea who or what might be inside. I had my rake at the ready just in case and I slowly eased the door open. Inside the room it was pitch black, I listened for...
  11. And Now It Begins!!

    Literature and Role-Playing
    I searched every book in that section they were all firmly attached to the shelf. I went back to the desk area looking carefully on the floor I couldn't see anything. I looked at the diplomas closely they all seemed ordinary until I looked at the last one, it stuck out further than the others...
  12. And Now It Begins!!

    Literature and Role-Playing
    And Now it Begins Thats just the thing we cant seem to remember...actually we cant remember anything before suddenly being in the dinning room... :D I walked in and went to the Desk It was very old and heavily carved, on the wall behind it I noticed there were several framed Diplomas...
  13. And Now It Begins!!

    Literature and Role-Playing
    And Now it Begins This was posted a few pages back you might have missed it! On the table I found a few pieces of mail. A electric bill to a Arthur A. Barris, a do it yourself taxidermy brochure for Arthur Barris Jr., and a Note addressed to Linda Barris. I felt funny opening someone else's...
  14. And Now It Begins!!

    Literature and Role-Playing
    As I turned the knob to go into the first door on the left, I felt a pain in my head and my vision went blurry. I felt dizzy and held the door jam to keep from falling to the ground. I heard a clinking noise and the sound of water. I clutched my knife tight and threw open the door. It...
  15. Hellbilly Invitation Help

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I dont know any of your particulars but you could do something along these lines lol I like the beer can idea....thats alot of beer to drink :) lol
  16. Happy Friday the 13th!

    General Halloween
    Have a fiendishly Happy Friday the 13th My husband and I had our first date on Friday the 13th, and now its 20 happy years later! the 13 was good to me but then ...I have always been on the creepy side..hehe... Laurie I am having a drink right now and I toast to the 13th and all my friends here...
  17. And Now It Begins!!

    Literature and Role-Playing
    And Now it Begins The hall was empty and I made my way down to the last door on the left. The door opened to a family room with a TV, I clicked on the table lamps as I went. It was empty and bland, a couch and a love seat two end tables and a coffee table with a remote control. It was so...
  18. And Now It Begins!!

    Literature and Role-Playing
    I carefully went to the door at the end of the hall and tried to open it, the knob wouldn't turn it was locked. I tried all my keys to no avail I couldn't get in. That leaves two doors on the left and one on the right...???
  19. And Now It Begins!!

    Literature and Role-Playing
    And now it begins The pantry was a mess as if there were a violent struggle, broken plates and food stuff all over the floor. Bloody foot prints traversed the whole area as if the killer was pacing in the space back and forth to the body. I walked up to the still form, it was Mr. Barris. He...
  20. And Now It Begins!!

    Literature and Role-Playing
    And now it begins I walked into the room and went to the front door. Like the back door it was completed boarded shut. Someone went to a lot of trouble to make sure that no one could get in or out. There was a little front entry table with a stained glass lamp, I turned the knob but it only...
1-20 of 229 Results